More precious than rubies ….

They say a virtuous woman is more precious than rubies, but that doesn’t mean that even the most virtuous of women wouldn’t appreciate one!  The thing is, just as she’s truly, honestly, and really virtuous – a phrase that possesses the specific connotation of honesty and wisdom – you’ll sort of want to be certain that you’re presenting her with real rubies.

Recent reports from San Francisco’s CBS 5 and ABC’s Good Morning America have brought to light the common practice of selling glass-filled rubies as natural stones, with no regard for their intrinsic value (or lack thereof), or the care that they require: while rubies and sapphires may be 9s on the Moh’s scale, the hardest natural gem substances after diamonds, treated stones are fragile and need to be babied; their fillers can be damaged or ruined by anything from household cleaning products to lemon juice.   Macy’s department store was the focus of these reports, but considering the fact that 99% of rubies and sapphires on the market are routinely treated but that considerably less are disclosed as such … well, it’s enough to make a virtuous woman feel a tad concerned.

So consider natural sapphires and rubies, sapphires and rubies that have been properly certified.  In Hindi, ruby is called ratna raj, king of gems: naturally appropriate when you’re looking for a gift that’s fit for a queen.

.70 Carat Natural Burmese Ruby Ring Natural Ruby Pendant natural burmese ruby

A vivid ruby ring like J1568?  A crimson pendant like J1259?  Or, perhaps a loose cushion like U559, to be mounted in the custom jewelry setting of your choice?