Michelle Obama at The State Dinner: First Lady of Style

State Dinners have clearly become the place to find lavish statement jewelry, which is a good thing as recent years of the Hollywood Red Carpet have left us wanting. While the fashion blogs and articles are paying closest attention to the blue Carolina Herrera gown which was custom made for Michelle Obama; We’re staring intently at those stunning blue earrings hanging from her ears.

michelle obama and her sapphires

Though unclear whether the deep blue gem slices are sapphire or tanzanite, what is clear is that Michelle Obama, the First Lady of Style, like us, appreciates the boldness of large sapphire earrings and statement jewelry. Mrs. Obama is no stranger to the hue of blue as she is often seen in various shades of the color. At a state dinner in 2009 she wore a pair of earrings featuring beautiful Ceylon blue sapphires on backgrounds of diamonds – again, these were impressively sized sapphire and diamond earrings worn to complement the vivid blue of her gown.

Blue Sapphire Earring

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Blue Sapphire Earring

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