Memories of Elizabeth Taylor’s Love Affair with Jewelry

With the sad passing of Elizabeth Taylor we are left remembering her awe inspiring beauty and talent and of course her world renowned jewelry collection.

It is reported that her collection is worth $150 million and among that collection of famous jewelry is the iconic Cartier ruby and diamond necklace. This remarkable necklace as seen below was a gift from Mike Todd, Elizabeth Taylor’s third husband.

In her memoir Taylor described it as “ It was like the sun, lit up and made of red fire.” – Elizabeth Taylor, My Love Affair with Jewelry.

Judging from the stunning images I have seen I would certainly agree with her sentiments.

Cartier Ruby and Diamond Necklace

Cartier Ruby and Diamond Necklace (1951)

Elizabeth Taylor Wearing Cartier Ruby and Diamond Necklace

Elizabeth Taylor Wearing

Ruby and Diamond Suite (1958)

Elizabeth Taylor stated: “My memories are the real jewels of the book,” Taylor said. “Looking at these beautiful pieces has invariably stirred up many moving memories and reminded me of some truly outrageous times.”

That is the true beauty of jewelry in my opinion as well. Fine jewelry pieces are heirlooms that signify special events and make them truly precious.

Why not make your own special memory with this ravishing ruby ring that is sure to be treasured by generations to come?

Natural Untreated Ruby and Diamond Ring

Photos Provided by: John Bigelow Taylor and Photo © Photofest