Matching Sapphires

Walk into any jewelry store, and more than likely you’ll find a pair of matching sapphire earrings. Timeless and classic; sapphire earrings are, or at least should be a staple of every woman’s jewelry collection.  Like other staples such as a strand of pearls or a tennis bracelet, a pair of matched sapphire earrings can be worn every day, adding a dash of bright color to your style.  Besides every day wear, sapphire earrings also make great gifts for the bride-to-be. Something Blue, perhaps? 

Pink Sapphire Earring

It has been confirmed that more than 95% of the world’s sapphires are heated to improve the gem’s apparent color and clarity. The routine heat treatment melts the rutile “silk” inclusions allowing for greater transparency, while also acting on the sapphire’s color centers to enrich and darken the stone’s tone and saturation. This heat treatment is accepted within the trade, as well as among consumers, and though a sapphire may be heated, all factors considered it can still be called a rare stone especially in sizes over 1-2 carats, and with exceptional color. Of far greater rarity of course are the unheated, untreated, completely natural sapphires which tend to pack a tough punch for your wallet, but their natural, unadulterated beauty, and uncommonly rare status make the knowledge of quality and value well worth the investment.

Now that you know the importance of the untreated sapphire as opposed to the routinely heated majority, let me blow your mind by suggesting an even more rare and tantalizing option, and of course that would be TWO UNTREATED NATURAL SAPPHIRES – an untreated and matched pair.

Blue Sapphire Pairs

Difficult as it is to find a single untreated sapphire over 1 carat; to find two that are well matched for a perfect pair of sapphire earrings – well admittedly, it’s not an easy task.  We have several pairs of matched and untreated sapphires in our inventory, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we will put the time and effort, all over the world, to find the matched sapphires of your dreams.

When you find the sapphires you want, whether heated or unheated, our custom design team can create a pair of matched sapphire earrings accented with diamonds or left as solitaires – beautiful on their own. Not interested in waiting too long? Our collection of ready-made matched sapphire earrings run the gamut from small to large, heated and unheated, and of course in every color under the rainbow. 

Blue Sapphire Earring