Make every day Valentine’s Day with a Heart-Shaped Sapphire

Romance is for every day, not just Valentine’s Day.  Every year, we hear protests against Valentine’s Day.  “It’s an artificial holiday!” the haters cry.  “You should show your partner how much you love them every day!” they say.  It’s an admirable sentiment, but how often do most of us find the time for specific romance on a regular basis?  The annual celebration most definitely has its place.

But on the off-chance that Valentine’s Day has come and gone but you’re still wanting to capture its spirit on one of those other days, just like they tell you you ought to … we definitely have what you’re looking for.

heart shaped blue sapphire ring

JS595 is just one of our beautiful heart shaped semi mountings

For example, let’s say this Valentine’s Day made you realize that, yes!, she’s the one, and you want to propose in the spirit of the realization.  Should you wait a year?  No!  But you do want her to remember it for years ….  I’d suggest you find a romantic place and propose her with a heart shaped blue sapphire three stone ring.

blue sapphire and diamond ring

Just consider JS49, with its round diamond or sapphire side-stones!

A heart shaped sapphire engagement ring might be hard to find, but it is considered to be a very symbolic gift: the shape advertises your love, and the sapphire is well known as a stone promoting fidelity, loyalty, and love in the language of gemstones. A heart shaped sapphire engagement ring will definitely signify a meaningful and cherished love affair.

heart shaped pink sapphire ring

Or, for the full romantic package, perhaps a 3 of Hearts like ring setting JS495, set with a pink sapphire?

Simple heart shaped sapphires make good-looking promises, whether they come in the form of engagement rings or other things – perfect for a proposal or anniversary gift.

heart shaped yellow sapphire ring heart shaped yellow sapphire pendant

A heart of gold deserves a heart of gold … and sapphire