Made by Machine, or Made by Nature?



Wow. They can now grow diamonds! Huge ones! in laboratories, and they’re virtually indistinguishable from those that come out of the ground.

This has to be great on so many levels. Beautiful diamond jewellery for all, as no doubt the prices will plummet as the technology gets better (think cinema-size TV screens). And I guess some of that human exploitation associated with diamond mining in some of the world’s poorest nations may decline (to be replaced by … ).

The scarcity of diamonds, one of the very things that has made them so expensive over the years, could be coming to an end. If machinery can churn them out, then there’s no limit! That special, unique stone, unlike any other … Well, actually, how many would you like madam?

And as they become more profligate, as their price and value drop, what are the longer term implications? One of the very central factors as to why the best jewellery commands a good price is that it is ‘Special’. It is something rare, something unique.

Will couples want a machine made diamond ring for their engagement? A ring that, with any luck, she might wear everyday for the rest of her life?  I have my doubts. Not when there are such beautiful, colourful and unique alternatives available. I mean Sapphires. Natural sapphires, those untreated gems that have been solely created by a combination of nature and the skill of the sapphire cutter and polisher. Each stone utterly unique. They’re stock will surely rise as the available market for genuine natural gemstones shrinks. Although, to be fair, untreated sapphires have always been exceptionally rare and have never gone down in market price over recent decades.


Above all else though, they are incredibly beautiful. If you like colour, they come in fabulous blues, pinks, yellows, reds, you name it. And all these delicious naturally coloured sapphires can be matched and complimented by a vast range of ring setting metals (white-gold, platinum, rose-gold, etc.).

Their enduring beauty is guaranteed. It looks like we might soon be able to offer the same guarantee for their value! Beauty and Brains. If love is in the air, it might be an excellent time to consider a natural sapphire engagement ring.