Lost My Mind When I Saw The New Tanzania Ruby!

Oh, it is really true…. I can’t believe my eyes!

I’ve been hearing all the reports from my scouts in Tanzania and Sri Lanka about the new ‘out of this world’ ruby deposits being discovered.

I was waiting and waiting to see the new rubies after hearing the reports on the phone as if everyone had gone mad after seeing these new crystals.

Well it is TRUE!  I can’t sleep now, I can’t relax.  I’m in a nervous eating mode, and pacing the room.  I’m just absolutely bonkers for this new material.

The color is Blood Vivid Red, but wait, it’s not sleepy, it’s not rusty or bland, it is ELECTRIC.  The color holds up in all types of lighting, it glows under the desk and has freakish crackle of light.

Burmese ruby is now 3rd class, this new material from Tanzania is almost a new gemstone, a new species of ruby, something I’ve never seen before, I almost can’t believe it!

I’m so excited about this, and making money has nothing to do with it, it’s sheer excitement for something so spectacular and beautiful, I’m a real gem addict, this is for sure!

You must see these rubies in person, they are not to be believed!  God has given us something really spectacular.. OMG!

Natural Ruby

Must be seen in person to witness the color and electric crackle of light!