Leap Year???

You know what really irritates me?  When a story needs to assume a wholly unrealistic condition in order to exist.  I’m not talking about speculative fiction: assume away with your FTL transport and your parallel universes!  Have a party with your elves and your unicorns!  No, I’m talking about the social assumptions that seem to underlie the current crop of chick flicks (first and foremost that, say, the assumption these movies are meant to entertain women rather than insult them).  The movie that’s currently drawing my ire is the unfortunate Leap Year.

There are a number of factors working against “Leap Year,” starting with the fact that it isn’t a Leap Year (very discombobulating to those of us who’d considered throwing Leap Day parties only to find ourselves cruelly disappointed until 2012), but centering on the basic premise of the film: that women can only propose to men on a single day every 4 years.

Also, you can only ask a man to a dance on Sadie Hawkins Day, or open the door for him on Opposite Day.

Hey, wait, I forgot!  It’s the 21st century, and the movie fails off the bat for requiring such a massive suspension of disbelief.  (Sorry, Amy Adams: loved you in Enchanted!)  I will admit, though, there is one thing and one thing alone that makes me want to see the movie, or at least an excerpt from it: I want to see the ring.

More and more these days, women are proposing to men, or couples are deciding to get engaged in tandem rather than having a traditional proposal.  Many women who receive traditional proposals find that they’d like to reciprocate and buy a symbolic present for their husbands-to-be, both to celebrate the momentous decision, and to tell the world.

White Gold Wedding band

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Or does he march to the beat of his own drummer?  Is he into steampunk, Apple products, and the coolest new fusion, be it music or cuisine?  He might get a kick out of a highly individualized band like the 10-sided JS346 in rose gold ring, set with a pigeons-blood ruby from Burma.

So why not consider one of our gorgeous sapphire bands as a present for that man of yours?  If none of these appeal specifically, you could always go the custom route with one of our custom-designed ring settings.  Valentine’s Day gift, engagement present, or wedding ring, we’re living in an age of equality – it seems only fair that the boys should get some of the bling too, right?