Lady Gaga’s Heart-Shaped Engagement Ring Brings Back Unique Sapphire Shapes

“He gave me his heart on Valentine’s Day, and I said YES!”
-Lady Gaga

The February 14th engagement of singer Lady Gaga to actor Taylor Kinney caught many celebrity watchers on the hop. Hollywood was still enjoying the winter recess and just starting to prepare for next week’s Oscar Awards when the announcement was made. 

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney with Gaga's heart shaped engagement ring.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney with Gaga’s Heart shaped engagement ring

Taylor, star of Chicago Fire and Zero Dark Thirty, certainly went for maximum impact with his choice of ring. The incredible heart-shaped diamond that adorns Gaga’s engagement ring weighs over 8cts and is estimated to be worth a whopping $500,000.

While such a vast sum for Gaga’s engagement ring is not unexpected; the real eye-opener is the ring design with a heart-shaped center stone. The trend towards non-traditional gemstone shapes has been on the rise and we’ve got the details!

The Resurgence Of Unique Gemstone Shapes

Unusual jewel shapes have spent a period in the shade, recently they’re making a comeback in a big way. Adventurous brides-to-be and those who want to spice up their jewelry selection, have been seen wearing nonconforming gemstone silhouettes. We realize some are unaware of the range in shapes beyond the traditional oval,round & cushion cuts. Here are a few examples.

An array of gemstone shapes

An array of gemstone shapes

Back In Vogue

We’ve seen more and more requests for unique sapphires in varying shapes, but two in particular are very much coming back into vogue; the Marquise and the Pear shape.

The Marquise cut features an elongated, curved shape and pointed ends. The length is normally double its width. It can conveniently give the impression of being larger than other shaped gems of a similar carat weight. The standard number of facets (individual cuts) a Marquise has is 58, but beware of examples with very sharp edges; they increase the risk of breakage or chipping.

A natural untreated Ceylon Marquise blue sapphire

A natural untreated Blue Ceylon Marquise sapphire

The Pear shaped cut resembles a teardrop. Pears are one of the most difficult shapes to cut. Unsymmetrical shapes have resulted, cut right, the shape is both pleasing to the eye and proportional.

A natural untreated Ceylon Pear yellow sapphire

A natural untreated Yellow Ceylon Pear sapphire

The Fancy Shapes Don’t Stop There

You may well have heard of a Princess-cut, but do you know what a Baguette stone looks like? Or a Trillion, or an Asscher-cut? The full list stretches to 32 different shapes!
These shapes have remained available over the years and have been used frequently as side-stones, now they’re in the spot light.

Many of the gem shapes have a ‘symbolic meaning’ attached to them. For instance an Oval is meant to show creativity and individuality, while an Asscher shape highlights a woman’s desire for drama. A woman who chooses an Emerald cut will have a very good sense of who they are, and they don’t particularly look for approval from others, they are independent women just like Lady Gaga!

We love Gaga’s heart shaped stone, it’s beautiful! Flawless stones in this shape, like the one Gaga is sporting on her engagement ring are rare. It’s difficult to create good balance for a heart shaped stone, a lot of material is lost during this cutting process and many cutters want to maintain the weight of a valuable stone.

Natural untreated Heart shaped sapphire

A natural & untreated Pink Heart shaped sapphire

Lady Gaga is one remarkable lady and we know she deserves a stone that’s incredibly rare and unique, so do you!

What About Your Unique Sapphire?

Gemstones of all types can be cut in these unusual shapes, so the diamond factor need not be bar to owning a beautiful engagement ring. There are plenty of colors and shapes to choose from. Gemstone faceting is also an important factor to consider, as it brings out the sparkle of your stone. If a traditional white stone is your thing, a white sapphire engagement ring is an astonishingly beautiful chose. They have long been used as a diamond replacement.

A natural white Cushion cut sapphire

A natural White Cushion cut sapphire

Is There A Particular Shape That Catches Your Eye?

We have a vast inventory of stones in every color, shape and size. Our website is easy to navigate; click on “sapphires”, pick a color and choose “refine your results”. Happy Searching!