Kate Middleton’s Sapphire Ring Legacy

Well it’s almost a full year since Prince William and Kate Middleton took the sapphire ring market to new heights.

The sapphire engagement ring craze is still here, and it’s looking like the trend will continue to grow, well after the Royal Wedding earlier this year.

The sapphire market will never be the same, and fashionable women have a legitimate option over a very passé diamond option for an engagement ring.

In the past oval shaped sapphires weren’t nearly in demand over round or cushion shape sapphires.  Yet now we sell more oval sapphires than ever before.

Natural Untreated Oval Blue Sapphire

Natural Untreated Oval Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire engagement rings are still going strong for reasons other than pop culture, they are in demand because they have inherent natural beauty that speaks well beyond magazine headlines or short term trends.

We like to think our company has existed for over 75 years for the same reasons.  Sapphires are special, and we are glad most other people agree.

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring

J2740: 19.62ct Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire Ring with 3.45cts of Diamonds made in Platinum

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