Kate Middleton : Pink Sapphires To Celebrate A Baby Princess

With Duchess Kate’s delivery date only a mere two weeks away, (April 25th is reported to be her delivery date) we’re on alert with the royal baby watch. Today, Kate Middleton will be preparing for the start of her stay at a private hospital in Lingo Wing, where the press will be waiting patiently to deliver the happy news to the world. Kate was spotted wearing a bright fuchsia coat during her last public appearance before maternity leave, with William wearing a matching tie. British betting and gaming company Ladbrokes, revealed recently, that most betters are confident the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be welcoming a princess!


If Kate does indeed have a girl, we’re wondering what she might wear when she first reveals the new royal. Perhaps it will be a pretty pink dress with white polka dots, to match the custom blue one she wore when Prince George was born. We certainly have the perfect pink sapphire jewelry to match, as well as complementary (and more affordable) pieces for the royal watchers who’d like to show their solidarity with the Royal Family. Take a look below at the special pieces we’ve selected for both.

Earrings For Kate


Kate Can Wear These Pink Sapphire Earrings As She Announces The Birth Of Her Child


Our pink sapphire earrings would be especially appropriate for Kate to wear when she steps out of St. Mary’s Hospital in London to introduce the new princess to the world. Elegant and understated, the earrings feature sapphires with a natural pink hue, nearly internally flawless clarity and plenty of sparkle, but in a modest combined weight of 0.98 carat that won’t steal the spotlight from the new precious gem. Also appropriate is the three-stone diamond detailing above the sapphires that resembles a crown. Another plus: They’re free of any dangly bits that might be tugged by a little one’s curious hands or unsafe for baby when Mom rests her head on her shoulder.

Earrings For The Royal Watcher 


These Pink Sapphire Studs Are Easy Every Day Earrings

Here’s a nearly identical pair of pink sapphire earrings that you can wear to pay tribute to the new princess. They feature oval-shaped pink sapphires that are equally as exceptional to those in Kate’s pair in terms of hue and clarity, with a combined weight of 1.05 carats. Less the diamond detailing, the earrings are also suitable for everyday wear, so you can enjoy them long after the festivities surrounding the royal birth announcement are over.

Necklace For Kate


Kate Could Wear This Necklace At Any Royal Event To Celebrate The Birth Of Her Daughter

If Kate decides to wear something on a much grander scale to announce the birth of her daughter, we can’t imagine a more perfect choice. With its white gold crown-like setting that peaks at the center, this necklace looks like a tiara, albeit upside down. Showcased within are seven oval-shaped pink sapphires, a number often defined as both lucky and sacred. The sapphires themselves have been heated to enhance their spectacular hue, which thoroughly saturates the stones for our highest color-intensity rating of “vivid.” Glistening along the entire length of the necklace are 420 round brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 12.60 carats for a dazzling effect sure to rival that new-mother glow.

Necklace For The Royal Watcher 


You Can Snag This Royal Engagement Ring Look-A-Like Pink Sapphire Pendent For A Fraction Of The Price

We have a necklace that lets you honor both the Duchess and her daughter. Not only does it emphasize the color pink, it also does so in a way that channels Kate’s famous halo-style blue sapphire engagement ring. Like a flower newly in bloom, the necklace possesses an oval-shaped pink sapphire “eye” of 0.80 carat with an intensely saturated natural hue. Radiating from the eye are 12 tiny diamond “petals” in the round brilliant cut for a subtle sparkle that carries from day into evening.

Bracelet For Kate


Kate Can Wear This Pink Sapphire Bracelet At Any Formal Event Celebrating Her Daughter’s Birth

It seems Kate fancies the pear shape as evidenced by the tanzanite and diamond earring and necklace set she debuted last month. Here’s the pear shape in pink sapphires for a stunning bracelet she’s sure to love for the occasion. With a design that calls to mind buds on a branch or bows on a ribbon, it’s inherently girlish. What’s more, the pink sapphires are rose cut, meaning they’ve been cut with a flat bottom and triangular facets on a tipped crown for even more feminine appeal. All told, there are 36 pink sapphires totaling 37.46 carats, each perfectly matched with an intensely saturated, natural pink hue. Woven throughout are 280 round brilliant-cut diamonds, elevating its magnificence.

Bracelet For The Royal Watcher


You Can Wear This Bracelet With Ease Anywhere

If you wish to follow suit, here’s a bracelet that’s a bit more wearable. Fashioned into the timeless tennis bracelet design, it alternates uniformly sized pink and white sapphires for that precious polka-dot look. Totaling 5.51 carats, the sapphires have all been heat-treated to maximize their extraordinary color intensity and clarity, and are all round brilliant cut for optimal light return. They’re also packed closely together on white gold links to give that classic look of a narrow band with all the gemstones in one line.

Ring For The Royal Watcher


Wear This Pink Sapphire Rose Ring To Commemorate The Birth Of The New Princess

We’re placing our bets that Kate won’t be wearing a new ring to honor her baby’s birth, but you certainly can! And we have the ideal design: a white gold setting resembling an English rose that’s packed with 18 diamond “petals” and an oval-shaped pink sapphire center with a heated hue. As a royal watcher, you probably know that an English rose refers to a naturally attractive English woman, and that Elton John called Princess Diana “England’s rose” in his tribute song to her. What a lovely acknowledgement then of three generations of royal women.

What Do You Think?

So tell us, which piece of pink sapphire jewelry is your favorite? Do you think Kate would wear pink sapphire jewelry to celebrate the birth of a royal princess?