Kate Hudson’s New Sapphire Engagement Ring

Who better than to show up at her own Gala, wearing a new engagement ring, than Kate Hudson? The Baby2BabyGala, presented by Tiffany & Co., honored actress Kate Hudson this year. On the red carpet, Kate was spotted rocking a brand new sapphire engagement ring (it’s still unconfirmed if it’s a green sapphire, alexandrite or dark emerald) regardless, it’s completely different from her diamond ring that her fiance gave her almost four years ago, and so much more exciting! We love the way her green ring complements her magenta dress.


We love the amazing dark green and blue hue of the ring. If this precious ring is indeed a sapphire as we suspect, it’s a sapphire of the unique variety that’s resting on her hand. Fancy or unique sapphires are colors that don’t fit the description of blue, yellow and pink or Padparadscha stones. There gemstone have a color outside the more popular shades and are often, green, orange, purple, or mixed colored. Kate’s ring seems to be a nice mix of green and blue, we’re loving the play of colors in her ring, it’s very different from the average diamond.

Kate Hudson's New Stunner..!!!

Kate Hudson’s New Stunner..!!!

Kate and ‘husband-to-be’, Matthew Bellamy, decided it was time to upgrade with a new asscher-cut sapphire surrounded by diamonds (shown above). Take a look at Kate’s ‘outdated ring’ (below) and get jealous of her new one! Don’t get us wrong, we love diamonds, but as complementary stones for sapphires. We think engagement rings should have a bit of color to them. After all, each bride is different, if you’re choosing a ring to represent your love and life together, it’s only fitting to choose a stone that can better represent you and your particular relationship. Don’t be like everyone else, be darling and instead the boring diamond center stone, choose color!

The "Out-dated" Diamond Ring..!!!

The “Out-dated” Diamond Ring..!!!