Jenny McCarthy’s Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

JennyMcCarthyRingJenny McCarthy’s name has now been added to the ever-growing list of celebrities choosing a sapphire engagement ring over the more common diamond. Donnie Wahlberg, of New Kids on the Block fame, proposed to Jenny McCarthy back in April, and pictures of her 10 carat yellow sapphire ring are causing a frenzy on the internet as well as in yellow sapphire sales. Women wanting that vivid yellow hue, and larger sized stones without bankrupting their Grooms-to-be, are now realizing that a yellow sapphire with its extraordinary brilliance can be as beautiful and as rare as a big fancy yellow diamond.


A Beautiful 10 carat Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring – Donnie Wahlbergs’ got great taste!

McCarthy’s stunning 10.00ct yellow sapphire is set in an 18k white gold band surrounded and embellished with diamonds. The only question we’d have at The Natural Sapphire Company is whether or not Jenny McCarthy’s new yellow sapphire is treated or not…?

Certainly Donnie Wahlberg has great taste in sapphire engagement rings; however, here at The Natural Sapphire Company we tend to offer far more rarity with our beauties. Untreated sapphires make up only about 1% of the sapphire market. This doesn’t mean untreated yellow sapphires aren’t within your reach, or necessarily out of your budget, but chances are your “everyday” jeweler doesn’t have many, if any untreated sapphires in their inventory. If you still want one from them, guess what, they’re probably going to come to us for the stone. And why shouldn’t they…we have the finest natural untreated yellow sapphires you can find.


10.31ct GIA certified untreated yellow sapphire engagement ring

The above, isn’t Jenny McCarthy’s engagement ring, just something comparable, as well as comparatively better. If your goal is to really show up Jenny McCarthy and/or Donnie Wahlberg, then your solution is to quadruple the size of Jenny’s ring with our 43.51 carat untreated vivid yellow cushion cut sapphire ring.  This thing will eat Jenny’s ring for breakfast!!!