How To Care For Your Sapphire Jewelry

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It is suggested that you should have your sapphire jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected every six months. Besides keeping your rare natural untreated sapphire engagement ring as sparkly and gorgeous as the day you first saw it; the regular inspection of your ring will ensure that your sapphire stays wear it is, that your diamonds are secure, and that your ring maintains its beautiful polish. Let’s face it; we all move our hands around a lot in life, so don’t be ashamed if you bumped your ring against the granite counter top. The jewelers at The Natural Sapphire Company will make sure your sapphire ring gets the care it needs, as well as the cleaning your beautiful sapphire deserves.

If it’s been a few months since the proposal or your last six month cleaning and inspection, your sapphire engagement ring may not be looking as pretty as the day that little box was opened. Don’t fret! Your sapphire engagement ring is easy to clean, and safe to do so as long as you are careful and follow my advice.

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The safest way to clean the majority of your jewelry is with a soft tooth brush, warm water, and mild dish soap free of any abrasives. While your sapphire has a hardness of 9, second only to diamond; the precious metals that hold your sapphire are quite soft. Gold alloys are especially soft and range from 2.5 on the Mohs Scale to 4. Platinum is 3.5 and Palladium is 4.5.  You may think your facial scrub will be great to quickly remove the dirt and grime on your sapphire engagement ring, but the pumice in your facial scrub has a hardness of 6, and even the calcium in toothpaste has a hardness of 3.  Abrasives of any kind are bad news for jewelry.

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Warm water, mild dish soap, soft toothbrush, check! Now, be careful cleaning your ring. Be mindful of things like open drains in the sink, or long drops to hard floors. Better yet, maybe just sit down at the table with the bowl of warm water. If your sapphire engagement ring is really dirty, you can let it soak in the water to loosen up the grime. Lightly scrub your sapphire and sapphire jewelry with the soft bristled toothbrush. Rinse and dry with a soft and clean cloth, repeat if necessary. There are several home cleaning methods to use, including products specifically designed to help with the soaking and the cleaning process. There are even ultrasonic cleaning machines available for home use, though great care must be taken with what jewelry you put into an ultrasonic.  Never put any organic material like pearls or amber in an ultrasonic, as well as anything porous like lapis lazuli or turquoise, and never a gem that has been treated with fillers like most emeralds. With sapphire jewelry the only thing you have to take care of in regards to the ultrasonic, is to make sure your sapphire jewelry is not rubbing against the sides of the machine or anything else you may be cleaning. As the machines use ultrasonic vibration to clean, you have to be mindful that no undue wear is caused to the metal in your jewelry during the cleaning process.

Now that you know how to clean and care for your sapphire jewelry, a final piece of advice: Don’t be afraid to get your sapphire jewelry dirty, live life as it comes; your sapphire’s beauty will always be there.

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