How Much Does A Sapphire Engagement Ring Cost?

Natural Blue Sapphire Ring

10.65ct Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

One Million Dollars! Ha Ha Ha Ha! Well….it could cost that much, and more, but if you’re concerned about how much you’ll have to spend to pop that big question, rest easy.  A sapphire engagement ring is not only the best option for a colored gemstone engagement ring, it also can be significantly more affordable than the more common diamond ring.

They used to say that a man should expect to pay 3 month’s salary for a diamond engagement ring. That was the efforts of the diamond companies marketing campaigns.  When it comes to sapphire engagement rings, we can have you out the door and ready for the proposal for less than a paycheck, or we can take that 3 month’s salary and make it look like you spent even more.

Blue Sapphire Ring

 When you buy a diamond, the price is dependent on the sum of the 4 C’s – Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat weight. Similar factors come in to play with the pricing of sapphires and sapphire engagement rings; however the final judgment of the gem is rather subjective. Another factor that can affect the price of a sapphire is its origin, though generally this occurs with larger sapphires, and the price only jumps if the sapphire is from one of the more famous sources like Burma, Kashmir, or Sri Lanka.  

 Let me tell you what an expensive sapphire engagement ring looks like.  Over 5 carats, round, unheated, vivid and velvety cornflower blue, with perfect cut, symmetry, and proportions and from the rare Kashmir source. Set in platinum with 8 carats of D-color diamonds…this one will set you back.

 Now let me tell you about a sapphire engagement ring that even this poor gemologist can afford. From the unique American source of Montana – that’s right, beautiful gem quality sapphires come from Montana too; a 0.94ct emerald cut, unheated icy sky blue sapphire with wonderful proportions and perfect clarity.  I’d have this rare sapphire set in either 14k yellow gold, or palladium – platinum’s less expensive cousin. As side stones, a half-carat of radiant cut diamonds to match the shape of the sapphire and give the engagement ring a little more sparkle.  For well under that “3 month salary” budget, this sapphire engagement ring idea provides the features of what makes for a magnificent piece of jewelry. Beauty, rarity, uniqueness; this would be a ring like few others.

Natural Untreated Blue Green Sapphire

The question, “how much does a sapphire engagement ring cost?” has many different answers. Regardless of the budget, a beautiful sapphire engagement ring is within everyone’s grasps. Our sales and design team are happy to work with you to not only stay within your budget, but also create a unique, rare, and stunning sapphire ring. Now, should you decide that you want to spend millions; we can help you with that too!

Blue Sapphire Ring

69.35 Carat Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring