Hollywood’s Love Affair with Sapphires

Elizabeth Taylor has a well known jewelry collection and has even written a book on her favorite subject: My Love Affair with Jewelry. Perhaps her most well known piece of jewelry is her 69.42-carat pear shaped diamond known as the Taylor-Burton Diamond. Elizabeth Taylor is usually associated with impressive diamonds, however she also has a fabulous collection of other gemstones. Another one of Taylor’s husbands, Michael Wilding, gave her a cabochon sapphire engagement ring.

Star Sapphires are a beautiful choice and the pristine beauty of this ring is unparalleled.  Star sapphires exhibit a star-like phenomenon known as asterism.  Asterism is actually created from rutile needle like inclusions. This phenomena is quite rare and stunning to behold.

white star sapphire ring

Another queen of the silver screen that adored sapphires is Joan Crawford. She was such a sapphire lover she was nicknamed “Joan Blue”. She loved wearing many pieces of sapphire jewelry. She received a 70 ct star sapphire engagement ring. The Natural Sapphire Company proudly has a star sapphire that will rival even the grandeur of Joan’s ring.

Our 298.32 ct blue star sapphire is truly breathtaking. The magnificently formed star is well centered and quite strong in appearance. This is truly a museum quality collector’s piece.

Blue Star SapphireJoan was also the very lucky owner of a 72 ct emerald cut sapphire. Emerald cut gemstones are particularly elegant and make stunning engagement rings. I find emerald cut stones really allow one to focus on the rich and regal blue color tone.  A sapphire with perfect proportions and excellent clarity, such as B364, is ideal for an emerald cut sapphire engagement ring.blue sapphire