Hollywood Sapphire Engagement Ring Guide

All the press is ablaze with the exciting news of Penelope Cruz’s engagement to Javier Bardem.  Penelope Cruz is certainly not the first celebrity to mark their engagement with a sapphire.

47th Annual New York Film Festival - Closing Night - "Broken Embraces" Premiere - Arrivals

Joan Crawford received a 70 ct star sapphire ring as her engagement ring in the 1930s and the trend still continues.  Sapphires are the perfect symbol of love as they symbolize fidelity, truth and commitment; The most important values in marriage.

Whether you select a stunning blue sapphire, as is the case with Penelope Cruz, or another colored sapphire your options are endless.

Sapphires are found in the widest array of colors imaginable.   This can make your decision slightly daunting. You may ask yourself these three sample questions to find the best suited sapphire and setting for your love.

Engagement Ring Guide

1)  What would your dream vacation be?

A.         An outdoorsy and active retreat.

B.        Visiting an exciting big city

C.        An exotic far flung destination

2)   What is the preferred style?

A.        Practical with a conservative heel

B.        Fashion statement in towering stilettos

C.        Casual and comfort is key

3) Which celebrity style do you admire?

A.         Classic and timeless elegance as Audrey Hepburn

B.           Sexy and glamorous as Elizabeth Taylor

C.          Practical and non–conformist as Katherine Hepburn

If you have answered A to most of the questions I would select a ring as seen below.  Classic side stones are the most elegant option and give the ring added brilliance without being overwhelming.

blue engagement ring

If you have answered B to most of the questions I would select J223. Padparadscha sapphires add a touch of glamour and pave diamonds have such a sparkling and brilliant appearance that their appeal can not be denied. A perfect match!

Natural Padparadscha Sapphire Pave Ring

If you have answered C to most of the questions then a striking and unique star sapphire would be a perfect choice.

Natural Untreated Blue Star Sapphire Engagement Ring

Natural Untreated Blue Star Sapphire Engagement Ring