Hard to get any better than this experience- Excellent Reputation Review

I want to preface this review by saying that I rarely write reviews, unless I experience an exceptional customer engagement. I worked with Caitlyn and she was amazing! I had very little knowledge about Sapphires, let along any type of gem and she helped walk me through every aspect in a patient and thorough way. She never pushed me to actually buy anything, but instead focused on making sure I was making the choices that made the most sense to me (which could mean that I would not buy anything from NSC). When I write “walked”, I mean that she literally schooled me on all things Sapphire and spent time looking at many Sapphires so that I understood what I wanted to get.

Here’s the deal: I think people can buy precious gems anywhere and may be you might be able to get a price slightly cheaper. But, to me, this is a very important purchase and having someone care enough to help me through that more than outweighs strictly looking at this type of purchase only by the product itself.

I see myself going in for future purchases because I was treated like a human being, not rushed in any way, and honestly, I learned quite a bit through the process.

Special thanks to Caitlyn for making this precious gem purchase and journey, a great experience!

Blue Sapphire -G.

Hard to get any better-Natural Blue Sapphire-The Natural Sapphire Company

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