A Guys’ Essential Guide To Buying The Perfect Sapphire Engagement Ring

The girl of your dreams lives! Not only that, you’ve met, fallen in love, and now … you’re about to ask her to marry you! Of course she’ll say Yes! But now you’re sweating, thinking about all the little details of your proposal is terrifying. Where will you propose? What will you say? When is the perfect moment?

If that wasn’t enough stress, there’s something else you’re going to have to consider and I don’t mean asking for her dad’s permission. Part and parcel of a traditional proposal is of course, ‘The Ring’. Asking her the question without the ring sparkling fabulously in your hand is really not going to cut the mustard.


What Do You Know About Buying Jewelry?

If you’re the common guy, chances are, very little. This shouldn’t be a daunting process though, that is why we’ve created this guide for chaps needing to purchase an engagement ring. Designed to remove the fear and give you confidence and know-how to make an informed and successful engagement ring purchase. We aim to give you unbiased information to help you make that important decision.



Let’s get back on point. The proposal opportunity is looming. There are three crucial things you will want to pull off:

  1. Surprise her with your proposal
  2. The ring you place on her finger actually fits
  3. She loves the ring and is proud to wear it and show it off

If you can check each of these off, you will have earned brownie points that will last a lifetime.


Surprise Surprise

Yes and no. She will want to be blown away by your surprise proposal, but she might have an inkling that you are ready to ‘take matters further’. You may even have spoken about it together, in which case she may well have formulated some strong ideas about her engagement ring. You will have to make the call on this, but many couples today shop for an engagement ring together. Such an important purchase usually dictates that both parties be on board.


We suggest picking a few styles that she likes together and surprising her with the final choice. But if your bride knows what she wants you’ll want to get her exactly that, you can keep the time and place of your proposal a total secret so there’s still an element of surprise. However, if you really want to surprise her, or if she wants you to choose the ring, you’ll find some of the tips below particularly useful.

Plan Ahead 

Before we go any further, we recommend you give yourself two to three months to prepare for the moment. This gives you sufficient time to look around and consider the options, ring production time, a little bit of wriggle room in case something goes wrong and of course, to plan your perfect proposal. Too often, we see guys stressed out and struggling with their ring purchase because they simply don’t have enough time to get the perfect ring. Save yourself the trouble now and make sure you figure out the details before the big day. You don’t want to end up feeling rushed, or anything but completely satisfied with your purchase.


Fit for Purpose

Re-sizing a ring is not a huge problem, to have it made a little larger or smaller is usually very doable. However, imagine how much more memorable that special moment will be when you place that ring on her finger and it actually fits!


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Finding out her correct ring-size can be an issue. “Why are you asking me what my ring-size is?” The game is up. You have to be cunning. The best solution is to secretly borrow a ring she wears regularly on the ring finger of her right hand, take it to a local jeweler and ask them to measure it. You may have to ask one of her friends or family members for this information if she doesn’t normally wear a ring on this finger.

The Ring She Dreamed About

“I’m sure whatever ring you choose will be fine”.

Just because your girlfriend is trying to be nice, it doesn’t let you off the hook. She will be wearing this ring, every day, for the rest of her life. It has to be right for her, something she can show off to family and friends. You need to understand her style and what she hopes her engagement ring will resemble. This is the big challenge, but her engagement ring is the only item she will wear day in and day out after all the excitement and fuss of the wedding is over. The ring will remind her of your love forever, it’s worth the work, and this is where our guide will really help you out.


Her Own Way

What is her style? Have you noticed? You need to! It might involve asking a girlfriend (of hers!). Observe the type of jewelry and clothing she likes to wear. Make mental notes, but don’t write things down. Is she glitzy or understated? modern or traditional? Does she have a favorite color? Recognizing her style will help you enormously. Make sure you observe other jewelry items she might wear and perhaps ask her why she loves a certain piece of jewelry above all others if it’s a favorite. This will help you understand what she looks for in her jewelry and what she wants.


What Style Is She?

Set A Budget

Use your head and be reasonable. What can you comfortably afford? Set a budget and stick to it. Yes, you want to blow her away with the most brilliant expression of love and a ring that will dazzle the world. But going in way above your head, perhaps incurring a big debt, will not help your relationship to flourish. Be generous but be sensible, there’s always more room to ‘wow’ her on anniversaries to come.


You will feel the pressure to splurge, but unlike diamonds, which can get very expensive even at small carat weights; sapphires are affordable, rare and a great investment. If you or your loved one want some color to your ring, then it’s probably time to wise up and consider a stunning sapphire – and in doing so, not break the bank.

Metal Guru

Surprisingly, and possibly annoyingly, rings are not just made of gold or silver. The choice of metals available encompasses a number of varieties of Gold (Rose, White and Yellow) as well as Platinum and Palladium. Silver-looking rings have been more popular lately, made from White Gold or Platinum.


As well as being different in color, each metal has its individual pros and cons. For instance, gold is quite a soft metal and will polish up to a beautiful luster. However, being soft, it will be more prone to wear and tear over the years; requiring more touch-ups after 20 or so years. Platinum on the other hand is stronger and more durable, although it tends to lose a little shine over time and is considerably heavier. Palladium is a good chose for individuals who have a metal allergy to both platinum and gold.

With the surge in popularity of vintage and antiques engagement rings, more couples are choosing mixed metal rings. These are rings that incorporate both a yellow and silver tone metal in one ring. With regular care and preservation, your ring will last a lifetime and beyond, whatever metal you choose. Make this choice based on what color she likes.

Her Unique Stone

The focal point of any engagement rings is the center stone, usually a diamond or sapphire. This is the ‘wow’ factor of any ring. Once again it’s time to consider her unique style – Is there a special color that she likes?  With a sapphire you have limitless color options . If she still wants diamonds, they make great side stones for her sapphire.


Remember, when you choose a center stone it isn’t a mass-produced item. Every sapphire comes from the ground and has its own unique properties. No two are completely alike, just like your significant other! The quality of your stone (and consequently the price) is determined by what are known as the 4 Cs.

Cut:  A well cut sapphire will make your stone dazzlingly brilliant, it will sparkle more.

Color: We have considered the huge range of sapphire colors, from blues to pinks to yellows to whites … and every stone is completely unique. A consistent rich hue is perhaps judged more highly than a pale or very dark stone.

Clarity: The better the stone the fewer the natural blemishes or interior intrusions. There are various scales. Try and get something where any marks are not visible to the naked eye.

Carat: The weight and size of the stone. The bigger you go the more you pay. As the carat size increases the price per carat increases too.

Get In Shape

At this point you will need to consider the shape of your stone. Round, Oval, Cushion, Princess, Ect; these are four of the more popular cuts, but there are quite a few more to consider if you prefer. With the recent engagements of celebrities like Lady Ga Ga, who received a heart shaped stone; perhaps it’s time to figure out if your girlfriend wants something more unique and creative. You’ll be glad to hear, sapphires come in all shapes and cuts, just choose one!


Get Set

The setting is the part of the ring that holds your center stone and side stones in place. This is how the stones will be displayed. Once again there are various options and really it’s all about her style and what she likes. Common settings include Solitaire, Bezel and Prong. In addition, she might like more adornment, such as Pave or Side Stones. It all comes down again to you and your girlfriend’s preference. Read our guide on settings for further understanding.


Go Get Her Ring!


Don’t worry, you’re not on your own. We have the widest selection of natural sapphires on the market as well as the widest selection of settings- which you can view online. Along with a finished sapphire engagement ring, we can also supply bespoke, matching wedding bands, and rings for men. Our aim is you being happy with your choice. For more information about jewelry terminology have a look at our education pages. They’re straightforward and concise, and provide the basic knowledge you’ll need. Good luck planning your perfect proposal!