The World’s Greatest Collection of Natural Untreated Sapphires

Here at The Natural Sapphire Company we pride ourselves on having the world’s largest and greatest collection of natural untreated sapphires.  This reputation is one we are proud of and in order to keep this reputation up we must be constantly updating our inventory in order to keep up with the demand for these gorgeous untreated sapphires.   In order to do this we must search around for the best suppliers with the best stones so that we are able to offer you only the highest quality untreated sapphires available on the Market.  For example this absolutely stunning natural untreated round blue sapphire weighing in a 1.99ct has an alluring vivid color saturation that is sure to make anyone jealous.  This untreated beauty was exquisitely cut in order to maximize the brilliance and light return, and as you can see from the pictures this stone is just plain vibrant.

round blue sapphire

Natural Untreated Round Blue Sapphire

But aside from just having an amazing selection of natural untreated blue sapphires, we also have and outstanding selection of untreated sapphires in yellow, pink, padparadscha and unique colored sapphires.  Our unique sapphire selection consists of such colors as purple, green, orange and even cognac, so whatever your favorite color is you will be able to find a sapphire that meets your color needs.  One of our newest unique stones and possibly my favorite is a fascinating natural untreated oval cut bi-color sapphire that has a gorgeous combination of greens, yellows, blues and blue greens creating a truly one of a kind sapphire that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.  This exceptional sapphire is extremely rare and has dazzling intense color saturation with an enormous amount of brilliance.

bi coloured sapphire

Natural Untreated Bi-Color Sapphire

We will be continuing to add new sapphires to our webpage every day so if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for it may just be there the next day, so continue searching our ever-changing inventory.  If you have a specific and simply cannot wait feel free to contact us directly and we will certainly help you to find the sapphire of your dreams.