Great Gatsby Estate Style Jewelry

The Jazz Age, also known as the “Roaring 20s” has seen a resurgence in popularity as of late with the upcoming film The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan.

This era is known as Art Deco in the jewelry industry.

This name is derived from the Exposition International des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, which was held in Paris in 1925.

The style of this time was highly influenced by art of the time, which was the beginning of the Cubist and Fauve movements. So that would be mean geometric patterns and colors were all the rage.

This gorgeous blue sapphire and diamond bracelet showcases the geometric pattern and design surrounding the breathtaking blue sapphires.

Artists shared ideas from other world culture’s and designs. The garland style and geometric influence from the Far East is beautifully depicted in these gorgeous blue sapphire earrings.

After World War I the economy was transformed in Europe and here in the United States, so fashions and women’s designs were becoming more inventive with the rise of Coco Chanel’s elegant silhouettes.

The unique and innovative design of this ring is Parisian chic at its best!

Many jewelry techniques were developed during this era including the invisible setting.

The gorgeous ruby ring is comprised of rubies that have been cut and calibrated so they are set seamlessly to achieve this look.

You can see all of our gorgeous Estate Style inspired jewelry items and take a step back in time to timeless elegance.

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