Royal Baby Gifts for Kate Middleton’s New Prince or Princess

An amphibious boat from New Zealand, a field of wildflowers in the Transylvanian hills, and a rocking horse from President and Mrs. Obama containing a polo mallet; the head of which was carved from the branch of an oak tree on the South Lawn of the White House. These are just a few of the hundreds of extravagant gifts Prince George of Cambridge has received since his birth in July 2013.


Prince George With His Gift From President Obama & Michelle

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can expect their second child to receive just as many lavish gifts when he or she is welcomed into the world in April, especially since the royal baby will be fourth in line for the British throne. We’ve envisioned a few of our own gifts that we think would be perfect for the prince or princess. Take a look at the designs below and let us know if you think they would be among the most memorable.

Decorative Pins

The diaper pin, or safety pin, is one of the most symbolic items associated with babies, so it was a natural source of inspiration for a gift for the new prince or princess. While parents don’t use diaper pins anymore, we’ve elevated our pins to heirloom status by incorporating sparkling sapphires and hope they will become a great commemorative piece for the Duke and Duchess.


Our Sapphire Pin Design 1 For The Royal Baby

Crafted from 18-karat white gold, one pin offers a clasp-shield composed of an oval-shaped blue sapphire surrounded by 12 diamonds that are all bezel set. This means the stones are held in place with a thin rim of metal surrounding the girdle, or widest part of the stone. This keeps the stones flush with the setting and well-protected. A scroll motif cradles the stones and serves as a nice balance to the pin’s spring mechanism.

Sapphire-Pin-For-Royal-Baby (2)

Our Sapphire Pin Design 2 For The Royal Baby

The other design is a more literal interpretation of Kate’s engagment ring, with the use of the prong setting to hold in place the blue sapphire center stone and halo of diamonds. Like the other pin, it includes, for decorative purposes only, a pinstem for piercing fabric, along with a simple, concealed “C” clasp for proper fastening. Perhaps Kate can use the pin to fasten a blanket around her new child.

Baby Spoons

Silver spoons have long been a customary baby gift. This tradition is said to have started with the European upper class of the 1800s, who supposedly used silver in baby items because of its bactericidal properties. Because silver was considered an expensive metal at the time, this health practice was reserved for wealthier families; thus the saying, “born with a silver spoon in your mouth,” meaning you were born of wealth, particularly, inherited wealth. What an ideal gift choice then, especially for a baby of royal birth, which offers best wishes for prosperity, as well as health and longevity.

Sapphire-Spoon-For-Royal-Baby (2)

Our Spoon Design 1 For The Royal Baby

We’ve designed two baby spoons for the new prince or princess, both of which offer a silvery look with luxurious 18-karat white gold. One is a classically designed baby spoon with a curved handle, perfect for little hands to grasp. Like the pin, the main attraction is an oval-shaped blue sapphire surrounded by a dozen diamonds that bears a direct resemblance to Kate’s engagement ring. It also features a curly heart within the curve of the handle for an especially precious touch.


Our Spoon Design 2 For The Royal Baby


The other baby spoon has a likeness to the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross, one of the ceremonial and symbolic objects of the British Crown Jewels associated with the coronations of English Kings and Queens. Representing the monarch’s temporal power, the Sceptre showcases, among other spectacular gems, the Cullinan I diamond, or the First Star of Africa, the largest flawless cut diamond in the world at 530.2 carats. Our version features a pear-shaped blue sapphire where the diamond would be, set within a heart-shaped structure and topped with a monde made of pavé-set round diamonds, four baguette-cut blue sapphires and a bezel-set ruby. Atop the monde is a blue sapphire and ruby cross. Blue sapphires, rubies and diamonds also offer further embellishment along the length of the spoon, as well as a nod to the national colors of the United Kingdom. The future royal would be hard-pressed to find a better spoon anywhere.


Rattles, one of the most time-honored baby toys, are naturally another traditional baby gift. Not only are they ideal for babies’ grab reflex, but the noise tends to excite and stimulate them more than any other toy at the infant stage. Decorative versions, while not meant to be used, make great keepsake gifts.


Our Sapphire Rattle For The Royal Baby

Our rattle falls into this category and will serve as a special memento to the new prince or princess as it bears the Union Jack, the national flag of the United Kingdom. Composed of pavé-set round blue sapphires, rubies and diamonds are the red cross of St. George of the Kingdom of England, the white saltire of St. Andrew for Scotland and the red saltire of St. Patrick to represent Ireland. Also included are bows formed from pear-shaped blue sapphires and rubies, and an adorable raised teddy bear motif fashioned from 18-karat white gold with blue sapphire eyes. We’d say these gifts are fit for a royal, wouldn’t you? What is your favorite gift, leave us a comment and what gift would you bestow on the new royal baby?