Gems of Vedic Astrology

Gem Therapy is the process of improving your life through understanding your birth chart and wearing the appropriate gem. Through this process and harnessing the energy of the suitable planet one can improve various aspects of their lives.

There are nine planets used in Vedic astrology.  Three planets are not used in Vedic astrology: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  Here are the nine gems related to each planet:

Rubies, blue, and yellow Sapphires feature prominently in this list.

  • Sun – Ruby
  • Moon – Pearl
  • Venus – Diamond
  • Mars – Coral
  • Mercury – Emerald
  • Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire
  • Saturn – Blue Sapphire
  • Rahu -Hessonite Garnet
  • Ketu – Chrysobery | (Cat’s eye)

The best place to wear these gems is on the appropriate and related fingers.  However you can also wear the gem as a pendant. Many astrologers say since fingers will have the most benefit, since they are usually exposed and can receive light and energy of the Sun through the body. Gems should be worn on the right hand only.

Index finger is for Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire;

Middle fingers is for Saturn – Blue Sapphire;

Ring finger – the Sun Ruby for the Sun

Wearing gems harnesses planetary energy to your body through a spiritual and psychic way.

Problems may arise by wearing the gems relating to weak planets in your charts. For example, many people can not wear diamonds, so if diamonds are not suitable according to your chart this can even create marital discord. So selecting the appropriate gem according to your chart can have positive benefits for marriages as well.

The Natural Sapphire Company can advise on the suitable ruby, blue and yellow sapphire for the greatest Vedic benefit!

One should select only natural and untreated gems, which is our specialty.

For example B4108 would be an excellent choice for someone that is advised to wear a blue sapphire

This gem is 3.18 cts and has a nice depth allowing the sapphire to touch your skin. Also the clarity is ideal and the color even throughout –important points to consider.

Y2715 would be the perfect choice for people that want to highlight their Jupiter. This 5.27 ct yellow sapphire has a rich and vibrant color tone. This gives the gem added potency! This flawless, GIA certified yellow sapphire  would certainly be suitable for Vedic purposes.

U3694 is a remarkable vivid red ruby. Rubies are particularly difficult to find for Vedic purposes, as they are typically heat treated. Only natural untreated gems, such as U3694 are suitable for Vedic purposes. This untreated GRS certified ruby has an ideal cut and clarity highly sought after in gemological terms and in Vedic astrology as well.