Fool’s Gold

Rarity translates to value.  Since recorded time, man has sought after rare items of value.  Rarity is sought in all type of valuables.  From a true friend, to a fine quality sapphire.  We all search and cherish something that is truly rare.

This is why I feel it is so important for someone who is considering to purchase a sapphire ring to buy an untreated sapphire.

Sapphire jewelry is a very personal item to most people.  It is given to signify love, promise, value, a representation of the giver and/or wearer.

Buying a treated sapphire that has almost no resale value is a foolish way to spend money.  After all it has very little value.

Fool’s gold looks like real gold and it can be hard to tell the difference.  See these two examples below:

Fool's gold 1 Fool's gold 2

It is hard to tell which is 24K gold, and which is worthless pyrite.  Yet there is a difference, all the difference in the world in fact.

Treated sapphires are not rare, but ones created beautifully by mother nature are, and they are worth their value.

before-and-after treated sapphires

Sapphires with very poor color and clarity are found in great abundance.  These sapphires above have been treated to drastically change the color and clarity.  These sapphires are not rare, they are a created product for commercial sale to mass markets.

The Natural Sapphire Company does not suggest purchasing these types of sapphires, rather synthetic sapphires would be a better alternative, and cost less.