Erika’s First Blog

I’ve just joined the Natural Sapphire Company to help develop and update our print and web materials.  I’ll be writing mostly about the new graphic designs we’ll be creating here at NSC.  While I’ve worked with a motley crew of companies in all different sectors, I’d never had the chance to work with such an exciting luxury product like natural untreated sapphires – until now!

From a design perspective, working for The Natural Sapphire Company is an amazing opportunity.  The natural untreated sapphires themselves are beautiful…

Natural Blue SapphireNatural Pink Sapphire Natural Yellow Sapphire

and when set, each sapphire becomes its own little masterpiece. Gorgeous.

Blue Sapphire Ring

Our photographs of each sapphire and the rendering of its mounting are expertly created and add great color and contrast to any design. The shape of the sapphire’s cut (cushion, round, etc.), its color (blue, yellow, pink, padparadscha), or the sapphire’s setting often lends inspiration for the layout of the design. Showcasing the inherent beauty of the setting and the sapphire is the intent of these layouts…

Precious Metals Sapphire RingSapphire Jewelry

(cover for precious metals care brochure)           (cover for sapphire care brochure)

My personal added bonus is that with every design I learn more and more about natural sapphires. I admit that before working here I didn’t even know sapphires came in different colors – oh how far I’ve come!