Engagement Rings Inspired By Flowers

Being attracted to and adorning ourselves with flowers and all sorts of natural things is nothing new, as picking a flower was probably the first attainment of beauty by mankind – we saw it, we wanted it, we picked it! As simple then as it is today, we want brightly colored fresh cut flowers forever. And if we can’t have those forever, we’ll get by with a brightly colored sapphire engagement ring with a floral design that forever will symbolize not only the meaning of the ring, but also the happiness associated with our inherently shared joys.

sapphire kids and flowers

Antique, estate, and period-inspired jewelry is very popular today as it begins to find its way out of the bottom of the jewelry boxes and on to the hands and into the minds of many looking to wear a still unique piece of jewelry. The Art Nouveau movement is obviously of interest for its florally designs and engravings, which continue to inspire contemporary designs. Even the Art Deco movement with its sharp edges and geometric designs, receives credit for floral representation though less apparent and more symbolic. Some may like the obvious presence of flowers in their sapphire engagement ring, while others want to be the only one to see their precious rose.

Ruby Ring

1.55ct Ruby, Diamond, and Platinum Ring

It is not in the least bit surprising the propensity for colored gemstone engagement rings to have designs inspired by flowers, given the historical meanings behind the giving of flowers dependent not only on what type of flower was used, but also the color of the flower. The red ruby engagement ring with a rose motif…could there be a more powerful symbol of love and passion? A blue star sapphire engagement ring with violets rising up the white gold shank – all at once a symbol of love and fidelity. And of course, a pink sapphire engagement ring, with a pink like a summer’s vivid Dahlia, and abstract diamond petals that curl over the sides of a gold band for a combined symbolism of dignity, elegance, and femininity.

purplish pink sapphire ringWhether you know for sure you want a garden on your hand, or think you want just a symbol of joyful memories; The Natural Sapphire Company has myriad options for sapphire and ruby rings inspired by flowers. Choose from popular designs or have our state of the art design team create a ring to match every symbol and meaning you wish, to make your ring a truly personal treasure.