The Black Star Sapphire Ring Of Elvis Presley On the Auction Block

Set to be put on the auction block at an upcoming Graceland fundraising auction, the King of Rock n’ Roll’s 14 karat yellow gold, black star sapphire and diamond ring. Clearly he was a man of good taste! The bold gent’s ring was fabricated using a drip-wax technique, lending a natural gold nugget look that was popular in the 70’s for men’s jewelry.  The black star sapphire measures 12x10mm and the round diamond is 0.25 carats. A somewhat modest ring for the King, but considering how many he wore…he wore many rings!

14k with 12x10mm Black Star Sapphire and 0.25ct diamond.

Elvis’ 14k gold nugget ring with 12x10mm Black Star Sapphire and 0.25ct diamond.

The Graceland Auction is the first auction to be held on the Graceland property and will feature items for auction from third party collectors, and nothing from the actual Graceland Estate.  On-line bidding for the items began on August 1st, with the final auction taking place on August 14th, 2014.  Other items for auction include Elvis’ signed library card, and some very ugly clothing and furniture.

Black Star Sapphires have always been a popular choice for men’s jewelry. Take a look at our collection of star sapphires and you’ll find that having a ring that makes you look like The King, does not have to be an impossible dream! I have a feeling Elvis would approve of our vast selection!

9.22ct Black Star Sapphire - just a little bigger than Elvis'

9.22ct Black Star Sapphire – just a little bigger than Elvis’

Elvis had a love of jewelry and gemstones, and sapphires were his favorite gemstone. One of Elvis’ longtime friends from Memphis, Alan Fortas, once said that “Elvis believed the wearing of sapphire jewelry was supposed to signify generosity, good manners, wisdom and noble thoughts.” Elvis’ personal jeweler Lowell Hays, who made much of Elvis’ iconic jewelry, says that “Elvis liked colored stones. Sapphires were his favorite, and he liked rubies and emeralds. So I sold a lot of rings that had colored stones in them, a lot of different shapes and styles. He would always buy sapphire rings.”

Now, if you’re interested in being your own King, or Queen you might consider following Elvis’ lead by acquiring a shall we say Large-And-In-Charge kind of sapphire ring.  We can handle that as well!

Elvis Would Approve

Elvis Would Approve