Custom settings for natural sapphires, now in 3D!

Those of you who are not satisfied watching a simple looping clip animation or still images on a website will now have the chance to have fun with the interactive 3D viewer on our website. This program allows you to examine your customized sapphire rings or pendants from every angle before you even get them in hand. If you can’t wait to get your custom setting, this can be very satisfying!

Traditionally, computer generated images and photographs are still images that only display at certain angles. It’s not possible to rotate them or to change their colors, as many users wish to do.  But now, our new interactive 3D viewer’s URL is embedded within the site, allowing you to get a closer look at the custom jewelry without losing any of the model’s quality.   For example, just take a look at the mesh frameworks for our CGI renderings of JS442 and JS190 ….

meshed pendant meshed sapphire ring

The program displays a visualization of the actual piece itself, allowing you to have a closer look at the details and to change the color of the sapphire or change the color of the model, and to see the piece from every angle by rotating the image as well.

3D view of sapphire model 3D view of sapphire ring

Additionally, a button in the lower right-hand corner will take the viewer to a video of how the custom jewelry setting will look in reality, to get “the big picture.”

With this interactive program that we now offer at The Natural Sapphire Company, you can jump right into the virtual world to get a sense of your custom jewelry setting and have fun imagining and visualizing how your natural sapphire ring or pendant will look when it’s complete, by yourself or with your loved one.