Custom Sapphire Jewelry for a Cause

Here at The Natural Sapphire Company we have an extensive inventory of natural sapphires ranging from common colors like blue and pink, all the way to more unique and rare colors like purple and green.  Natural sapphires are very often used to create stunning engagement rings and exquisite earrings, but they can also be used to create jewelry for a cause.

Blue Sapphire Pendant

Custom Made Natural Blue Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Take for example the international symbol of peace, which in times of war such as those we’ve had recently, are very popular amongst promoters of harmony and unanimity.  Natural Sapphires and natural blue sapphires in general have been known to be able to take negative energy and emotions, and transform these into feelings of peace, love and joy.  So it only makes sense that we used natural blue sapphires in the creation of this charming peace symbol pendant.  But, if you prefer to use a different color sapphire in your peace sign pendant, such as pink, we are more than willing to create the pendant just as you wish.

pink sapphire brooch

Custom Made Natural Pink Sapphire Brooch

Another major cause that is extremely important to millions of people around the world is Breast Cancer Awareness.  The pink ribbon is the international symbol for breast cancer awareness, so it only makes sense for us to create a custom brooch in the shape of the ribbon using pink sapphires.  This elegant pink sapphire brooch, which can be comfortably worn with casual attire and formal wear alike, is a great way to show your support for this extremely important cause.

If you are interested in having this pendant, brooch, or any other important symbol or logo to you custom created into a piece of sapphire jewelry do not hesitate to contact us.