Custom Jewelry at NSC..!!!

The Natural Sapphire Company specializes in making custom jewelry settings, and in customizing our own preexisting semi mountings to best meet the customer’s vision.  One of our customers recently bought a natural blue sapphire ring from us. This blue sapphire ring was based on JS217 but our customer  asked us to make a few changes .   I put a design of scrolling vines around the blue sapphire center-stone and round diamonds  on the shank to replace the baguette shaped stones which the design originally specified.  This custom design is not only gorgeous but also evocative of a past age, antique-inspired and timeless.  Now our customer has asked us to make a matching band for the blue sapphire ring.   This matching band has 10 diamonds and is also decorated with a pattern of scrolling vines.

Please, check out the images that I made for this customer!

Blue sapphire Ring Band   Blue Sapphire Ring Band

This matching band is inspired by the original blue sapphire ring:

Blue Sapphire Ring and Band

If you want to make your own custom made ring setting, please feel free to ask us!

It’s our pleasure to explore your design with you and help you find which sapphire jewelry suits you more.