Constantly Improving Your Sapphire Jewelry Shopping Experience

Also in the works here at The Natural Sapphire Company is the Jewelry Suggestion module.  I’m really pumped to be in on the development of this; it’s an exciting component of our site that will help our customers find just what they are looking for in their next piece of sapphire jewelry.  This module will collect all the information from all the other aspects of our database and put it to use for the customer.  It has the ability to use that information to keep track of all the steps involved in making a piece of sapphire jewelry and all the options available to customize how it looks; it can instantly tell customers a estimate of never-before-seen accuracy about how much their choices will cost; it can even search through our extensive database of beautiful sapphire jewelry designs and suggest other pieces similar to the one the customer is looking at so that they can quickly find the pieces they love the best!  All of these functions will be automated for the fastest service, most accurate results, and best experience possible.

blue sapphire wedding bands

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sapphire wedding bands

Stunning Custom Made Sapphire Bands

This system will bridge the chasm between the old method of making custom jewelry and the current offerings of limited flexibility that other internet jewelry and large famous jewelry houses offer today.  It will allow the customer to practically build their own piece of sapphire jewelry right before their eyes on their computer screen!  It will eliminate the weeks of waiting for a traditional jeweler to build his version of the customer’s idea only to have the customer be unsatisfied that it didn’t turn out the way they expected.  It will avoid paying the huge mark-ups that the rest of industry needs to cover the extreme difficulty of estimating how much a piece will cost to make.  It will allow our customers to quickly find or create fine-quality, custom sapphire jewelry that looks just the way they want it to at the best price in the industry!  I am very excited about this coming addition to the experience here at The Natural Sapphire Company.