The Colorful Appeal Of Sapphire Engagement Rings

In 2015 colored gemstones are dominating the engagement ring sector, particularly sapphire engagement rings.  Last year, auction houses worldwide, reported historic record breaking sales in the colored gemstones & jewelry sector. This news broke down the notion that diamonds were king and instilled colored gemstones as the most sought after jewelry items at auction. This movement towards color is no better epitomized than in the way couples shop for their engagement rings today – By choosing beautiful, bright, colored sapphires.

Celebrities And Their Sapphire Engagement Rings

The trend has been growing since 2010, when Prince William gave Kate Middleton, Princess Diana’s blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring. Since then, everyone from A-listers like Oscar winner Penelope Cruz, to Jenny McCarthy, Mary-Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie have been seen around town sporting their sapphire engagement rings.

 Kate Middleton's engagement ring,

The Ring That Started It All

Color Takes Center Stage

Sapphire engagement rings have long been seen as a beautiful alternative to the traditional diamond  ring, but colorful gemstones are now taking precedence in their own right, bringing sapphires very much to the fore front of fashion. Color is the ‘Now’ in jewelry of all types. Sapphires come in an amazing range of colors, and with each hue there’s an opportunity to make a statement, so choose a color that represents you and your personality!


The Rainbow Of Sapphire Colors

Spoiled For Choice

When it comes to sapphire colors, there’s a never ending array to choose from, often we get questions like, “what colors do sapphires come in?” In this guide we’ll dive into six popular, sapphire hues: Blue, Red (Ruby), Pink, Green,Yellow and Padparadscha. Which color will be lucky enough to capture your heart?

 Blue Sapphire

When people think of sapphires they think blue. Blue stands for loyalty, confidence, strength and truth. Not bad characteristics to be associated with an engagement ring, no wonder it’s so popular! Blue sapphires come in every shape and size. We have natural & untreated stones ranging from 0.66 carats right up to a whopping 21.26 carats. These exquisite stones come in many shades of blue from light to dark, there’s something for everyone! The most popular engagement ring choices today are blue sapphires paired with diamonds.

Our Beautiful 8.23 ct. Pear  Blue Sapphire Ring

Our Beautiful 8.23 ct. Pear Blue Sapphire Ring


Red Ruby

One of the most magnificent gems, the ruby, has been described for centuries as the love stone. With their intense and rich velvety red, rubies symbolize passion, power and romance. Rubies are arguably the perfect gem for an engagement ring,who doesn’t want to look down at their hand and feel adored. Once the stone of royalty and status, today they are seen as a definite symbol of love. Rubies are technically red sapphires as they are both members of the corundum family. They are universally accepted as red corundum.


Our Vintage Style 2.03 Ct. Cushion Ruby Ring


Pink Sapphire

One of our favorites and climbing in popularity; just ask Nicole Richie about her pink sapphire & diamond dazzler,pink sapphires symbolize wisdom, strength and vulnerability. These pink gemstones are a beautiful metaphor for what our relationships in life should impart. Feminine and lovely, pink sapphires come in shades of hot to light pink. Try pairing these sapphires with rose gold and diamonds, perfect for a spring wedding.


Our 1.73 Ct. Oval Pink Sapphire


Green Sapphire

Green sapphires are for the daring bride who wants to stand out from the crowd. These stones are both rare and unique, they mostly come from Montana. Montana sapphires are consequently the only sapphires mined in the USA. A good portion of these Montana sapphires also come in blue & lavender. Green sapphires represent balance, luck and long life. Everyone should be wearing at least one! Often understated, these sapphires understandably have a very dedicated following. These stones can have a blueish green to greenish yellow tint, making them all the more unique.

An Example Of Our Green Sapphire & Diamond 3 Stone Ring

Our Modern Green Sapphire & Diamond 3 Stone Ring


Yellow Sapphire

The cheerful shine and sparkle of a yellow sapphire is a wonder to behold, you can’t fail to notice and smile. The recent surge of celebrities with yellow diamond rings have sparked an interest in yellow sapphire engagement rings like the one worn by Jenny McCarthy. Yellow sapphires stand for optimism, sociability, and enthusiasm; perfect for the happy-go-lucky bride.

Art Deco 21.84 Ct. Radiant Yellow Sapphire Ring

Art Deco 21.84 Ct. Radiant Yellow Sapphire Ring


Padparadscha Sapphire

Padparadschas are extraordinarily beautiful and exotic sapphires. They are named after the Singhalese term for “salmon colored lotus blossom.” The orangy-pink color is extremely rare and sought after, just like you! If a unique and truly one-of-a-kind  engagement ring is what you’re looking for, then there’s no question this fits the bill. It helps that we offer the world’s largest selection of these unique stones.

Our 28.85 Ct. Oval Padparadscha Ring

Our 28.85 Ct. Oval Padparadscha Ring


Every Sapphire Is Unique

When choosing a sapphire, keep in mind that every color is judged individually and priced accordingly. While other jewelers may try and assign a fixed price on every sapphire color, it’s better to judge each stone on it’s own merits.  If you’re interested in color and quality, you can learn more by reading our guide to color and our guide on judging sapphire quality.

The Ultimate Engagement Ring!

If you’re considering a colored stone engagement ring, there is no better starting point than our company. Look through our ‘sapphire jewelry‘ and ‘sapphires‘ sections where you can choose ready made engagement rings or a loose sapphire to mount on a costume design. Because of the rarity of some sapphire colors, you may not find a finished ring in your desired sapphire hue.  If this is the case, simply choose one of our loose sapphires and create a truly costume designed engagement ring, the process is easy.  After all, your engagement ring should be the most unique piece of jewelry you wear, it will stay with you for a lifetime to cherish.