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The color red is on the minds of us all every winter season when the thoughts of autumnal changes fade to those of the holidays, the New Year, and of course the fast approaching Valentine’s Day. We all know what … Continue Reading

“Color… thinks by itself, independently of the object it clothes.” – Charles Baudelaire “Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.” – Paul Gauguin “Colors express the main psychic functions of man.” – Carl Jung “There is … Continue Reading

As the 2012 holiday season starts taking off, the newest trend we see forming is our customer’s love of truly unique one of a kind jewelry! As all of our settings are custom made we can help you find the … Continue Reading

Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower, the famed French philosopher Albert Camus wrote of the autumn season. This thought provoking quote certainly applies to the autumnal beauty of our sapphires! Sapphires come in a variety … Continue Reading

Last week we discussed bridal and commitment jewelry. This week we will turn our attention to another special jewelry type: promise rings or pre-engagement rings. Promise rings are given to a romantic partner and signifies your special bond and commitment. … Continue Reading

Serendipity, defined as a pleasant surprise or a fortuitous coincidence, is a word derived from the name, Serendip.  Serendip is an ancient name for Sri Lanka, or Ceylon, as it is often referred to in the gemstone world.  The word … Continue Reading

Recently, my father sent me an article from Forbes magazine called The Joy of Feeling Valued, detailing how even simple words of encouragement or praise can drastically improve a person’s mental disposition.  One of my favorite things about working at … Continue Reading

Tin Maung (no last name for security reasons) manages our Mogok, Burma office.  He manages our day to day buying of natural untreated rubies and sapphires, as well acts as our correspondent about news and happenings in this enchanted mining … Continue Reading

For centuries, Burmese rubies have been known as the finest rubies in the world.  The term “Burmese” carries a connotation of exceptional quality and rarity unmatched in rubies from any other origin.  Cousins of sapphires, rubies are the red variety … Continue Reading

The Ruby Statement Pieces from Our New Inventory We’ve recently added a number of statement pieces to our sapphire and ruby jewelry inventory. As July’s birthstone is ruby, I’m going to focus this post on our new and notable ruby … Continue Reading