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Daylight savings time has arrived, and with it, a refreshing flow of mild weather across New York City. Spring fever is in full swing, and we’re all ready to shed our winter wardrobe for lighter fare. To make sure you … Continue Reading

So you’re considering a vintage or antique engagement ring,we’re not surprised. The trend towards venerable styles and antique treasures isn’t going away, and understandably so. Vintage rings carry a unique charm, they stand out from modern engagement rings with their attention to … Continue Reading

Sapphires and colored gemstones are tantalizing jewelry lovers everywhere. All around the world in 2014, colored gemstones were the most popular and sought after items at jewelry auctions. Jewelry experts have predicted an increase in demand for beautiful colored stones in … Continue Reading

This excellent article featured in ForbesLife earlier this month. It points out that the jewelry market’s liking for colored stones, rubies and sapphires, has not waned, but in fact continues to flourish, as a Burmese ruby sold in 2006 for … Continue Reading

  Wow. They can now grow diamonds! Huge ones! in laboratories, and they’re virtually indistinguishable from those that come out of the ground. This has to be great on so many levels. Beautiful diamond jewellery for all, as no doubt … Continue Reading

Some say yes, some say no. Those who say yes are generally those purchasing the larger and more rare untreated sapphires and rubies from the historically famous mines of places like Burma, Kashmir, and Sri Lanka. More often than not, … Continue Reading

I am often surprised when I hear someone say, “Wait, Sapphires come in other colors besides blue?” It’s actually not that surprising considering how little the market advertises the existence of such rarities as orange sapphires, purple sapphires, and green … Continue Reading

Just as the first flowers of spring have begun to bloom, so have the incredible spring auctions of magnificent jewelry. When you see that beautiful blossom bloom, you wish it would last forever; that winter will never come again. When … Continue Reading

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince George in tow are on their Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand. The press and social media erupted with pictures of the royal family, as they did when Princess Diana … Continue Reading

They are not like the stars in the sky or the stars you would think to draw, the stars of sapphires and rubies have a magical beauty all their own. Though I cannot remember the first time I saw a … Continue Reading