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I could never express professionalism of our writers read here enough praise for The Natural Sapphire Company and its dedicated staff. In an industry that’s highly-unregulated, they provide exceptional, trustworthy service; unparalleled worldwide. In the spring of 2015, I found … Continue Reading

I purchased two 1.5 Ct sapphires at The Natural Sapphire company after reading somewhat about sapphires and watching their YouTube videos. I dealt exclusively with, Caitlyn, their senior gemologist and head of sales. She was simply wonderful! While I did … Continue Reading

My girlfriend always hinted to me that she did not want a diamond engagement ring, but instead preferred a vintage coloured gemstone ring. About two months ago when I finally made the decision to propose, I was just randomly searching … Continue Reading

I want to preface this review by saying that I rarely write reviews, unless I experience an exceptional customer engagement. I worked with Caitlyn and she was amazing! I had very little knowledge about Sapphires, let along any type of … Continue Reading

This morning, I waited for the FedEx delivery man as if it was Christmas. The reason for my excitement? I knew that I was going to receive my yellow sapphire ring from NSC. I must say that it was well … Continue Reading

I’ve been a satisfied customer of the Natural Sapphire Company for the past 8 years. I’ve purchased individual stones and had them mounted on custom designed jewelry. The NSC does everything in house so their turnaround time is kind of … Continue Reading