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Following the birth of the royal baby, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, the Natural Sapphire Company have been working around the clock to complete our commemorative Royal Baby Rattle, costing over $45,000.  Talk Of The Town Word about our creation is all … Continue Reading

Sapphires don’t just look great on your finger. New technologies are implementing sapphires into their products because of their durability and tough nature. A perfect example of this, is the newly released Apple Watch. Depending on the model that you … Continue Reading

As excitement builds over the expected spring launch of the Apple Watch, it’s put our beloved sapphire into the spotlight. To much enthusiasm, Apple has revealed that most of its models will be laminated not with glass, but with synthetic … Continue Reading

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a sapphires as a transparent precious stone, typically blue, which is a variety of corundum (aluminium oxide). Commonly, sapphires are worn in jewelry. Well, being used as a gemstone in jewelry is certainly not going to change anytime … Continue Reading

If you read any technological news you probably know all about this, and if not, you may have noticed after typing the word “sapphire” into your search engine that the first and fifteenth result had something to do with Apple, … Continue Reading

Now that the buzz surrounding the iPhone 5 has reached a fever pitch, Apple is making waves again with their latest release: the iPad Mini!!! Expected to place first among other tablets of its size, you’ll be seeing this smaller, … Continue Reading

New York, NY: With the release of Apple’s iPhone 5, and the city buzzing with anticipation of the sale date; New York’s own, The Natural Sapphire Company, is very excited to introduce our design for the embellishment of a phone … Continue Reading

Blue sapphire rings continue to be in very strong demand and a most wanted jewelry type that everyone yearns to get. We have a very good spokesperson to thank! Kate Middleton has done a marvelous job showing the world how … Continue Reading

Those of you who are not satisfied watching a simple looping clip animation or still images on a website will now have the chance to have fun with the interactive 3D viewer on our website. This program allows you to … Continue Reading

When trying to decide what natural sapphire and mounting you want to purchase, nothing is better than being able to inspect the natural sapphire and mounting that you are interested  in person.  However, that is not always a possibility for … Continue Reading