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Among my other projects here, one of the things I’ve gotten the opportunity to do is to train in our new Gemological Laboratory! Here in the Lab, we check to make sure that all the stones we buy for our … Continue Reading

Recently, I’ve been assigned my very first module to develop! Previously, I was helping out the other members of the Software Department with their modules, improving logic, editing documentation, and generally learning the ropes around here, so this module will … Continue Reading

Working at The Natural Sapphire Company offers an amazing opportunity that many people wouldn’t really be able to appreciate.  The opportunity I refer to relates to the amazing sapphires and rubies we sell here, and I am happy to be … Continue Reading

Sapphires have been extremely prized gemstones since well before the time of Christ and are extremely steeped in history. Like every precious thing having a history, the precious stones have a sapphire history.  Certain cultures even believed that the Earth … Continue Reading

Rarity translates to value.  Since recorded time, man has sought after rare items of value.  Rarity is sought in all type of valuables.  From a true friend, to a fine quality sapphire.  We all search and cherish something that is … Continue Reading

The yellow sapphire market is growing, and it still has a huge way to go. In the 1970’s natural untreated yellow sapphires were extremely undervalued. A 10ct yellow sapphires cost maybe $50. per/ct, now they are well over $1000. per/ct. … Continue Reading

Madagascar is an exotic place.  When people use the phrase ‘end of the earth’ Madagascar would be a good place to point to as an example. In 1998 I visited Madagascar.  The sapphire deposits had just been unearthed earlier in … Continue Reading

Here at The Natural Sapphire Company we support only ethically mined sapphires.  We have almost no Burmese sapphires in our inventory.  The Burmese military government is one of the worst in the world.  We will continue to promote the natural … Continue Reading

As a company which specializes in natural untreated sapphires we often receive letters from our customers.  The answers to their questions I feel are beneficial to anyone who is interested in purchasing gemstones. Recently we received this letter: Hello:  I recently … Continue Reading

I’ve just joined the Natural Sapphire Company to help develop and update our print and web materials.  I’ll be writing mostly about the new graphic designs we’ll be creating here at NSC.  While I’ve worked with a motley crew of … Continue Reading