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We are gearing up for Memorial Day here in the USA, a time when we are thinking of servicemen and women. The Natural Sapphire Company is proud to support our troops, so we offer service members and family members  a … Continue Reading

The Weekly Eleven News reports in its February 13, 2013 issue that a gem laboratory that meets international standards will be open in Yangon, Myanmar, this year. Secretary Kyaw Htay of Myanmar Gems and Jewelry Entrepreneurs Association says gems produced … Continue Reading

Mogok, famous for ruby and sapphire, is in Mandalay Region, Pyin Oo Lwin District, Burma. Natural rubies and natural sapphires of Mogok, unlike those from other sources, do not need heat treatment or other enhancements. They are almost always traded … Continue Reading

Back in 2009 reports surfaced that the Smithsonian had plans to remake the Hope Diamond into a new necklace. The occasion was the 50th anniversary of when Harry Winston himself donated the stone to the Institute. I personally didn’t like … Continue Reading

The United States FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is the most progressive governmental organization that regulates how goods and services are legally sold in the United States. Most other countries have followed in our countries footsteps in creating similar governmental oversight to … Continue Reading

With the stock market continuously fluctuating people are beginning to look for more stable investments that won’t all of a sudden plummet in price.  CNBC recently wrote an articlein which they mentioned that “New studies show that the wealthy are … Continue Reading

Most of the sapphires in the Natural Sapphire Company are coming from the small city in Sri Lanka known as Ratnapura.  Ratnapura, which translates to “city of gems,” is world famous for some of the finest and most beautiful sapphires in … Continue Reading

Not the “Lord of the Ring”, but my Dream Ring I love sapphires.  I come from the land of the gems, Burma, known for its variety of different gemstones.  I have always picked sapphire as my favorite gem.  I love … Continue Reading

Recent sale prices of sapphires at auction have been very strong. The table below shows auction results for sapphires in the month of December 2009. Table Excerpted from Rapaport Magazine Prices for fine quality untreated sapphires have remained at or … Continue Reading

I’m Helen, The Natural Sapphire Company’s most recent hire, and my duties here include everything from writing product descriptions to editing our web content.  This is my first post here at NSC’s blog, and I can’t tell you how happy … Continue Reading