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The sapphire may be most known for its brilliant celestial tones but it is also known to many throughout history as a stone of wisdom and wealth. The sapphire has been held in high esteem leading back to the mentions … Continue Reading

January: Garnet      April: Diamond     July: Ruby     October: Opal & Tourmaline February: Amethyst    May: Emerald   August: Peridot   November: Topaz & Citrine March: Aquamarine     June: Pearl & Alexandrite      September: Sapphire December: Turquoise, Zircon, & Tanzanite Dating back thousands of years, with origins believed … Continue Reading

Gem Therapy is the process of improving your life through understanding your birth chart and wearing the appropriate gem. Through this process and harnessing the energy of the suitable planet one can improve various aspects of their lives. There are … Continue Reading

As we enter fall, we’re also entering one of our favorite times of the year at NSC – sapphire month!  In case you don’t know, sapphire is the birthstone for September. While blue is the color people generally associate with … Continue Reading

Giving a piece of jewelry containing a birthstone gem will bring the wearer with good luck and protection. Monthly birthstones symbolize the month of birth according to the Gregorian Calendar. Sapphire is the gem stone for people born in the … Continue Reading

Natural untreated sapphires are not only an attractive precious gem that people wear for beauty, but also some people use sapphires for healing and astrological purposes.Since I am the in-house production manager, I work with customers in order to come up … Continue Reading

Natural sapphires are known as the stones of wisdom and serenity.  They are said to have the power to release mental tension, dispel depression, facilitate meditation, calm the mind, and provide mental clarity. Natural sapphires align the physical, mental, and … Continue Reading