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The diamond market is a relatively new industry created through a marketing phenomenon.  Not too long ago the diamond market was created and controlled by a massive mining cartel called DeBeers.  The company controlled dozens of mines worldwide for generations.  … Continue Reading

What caused this problem? Who is to blame?  What is the resolution?  Who is going to fix it? These are all very big questions. It seems that many short cuts were made by many people in order to make big … Continue Reading

Diamonds are at an all time high in terms of pricing right now. Emerging markets have driven prices up tremendously. Even with the downturn in the world economies the prices on rough diamonds have continued to increase at sight holder … Continue Reading

I have resisted blogging about the state of our economy, after all luxury is not ‘in’ right now. But that doesn’t mean that Rarity is ‘out’ during these hard financial times. In fact my accountant thinks that our business is … Continue Reading

Often I am asked what is the ‘largest’ and ‘most expensive’ sapphire? The largest sapphire in the world is probably still well protected underground, and maybe it is a billion karats or more, but will it be a ‘fine’ sapphire?  That is very doubtful.  What is … Continue Reading

This is my first entry of our newly created Company Blog.  I’m quite excited about the ongoing development of this addition to our company and company website. At first I didn’t think the effort to create a Company Blog would … Continue Reading