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The girl of your dreams lives! Not only that, you’ve met, fallen in love, and now … you’re about to ask her to marry you! Of course she’ll say Yes! But now you’re sweating, thinking about all the little details of … Continue Reading

Many women are starting to turn to sapphires as their stone of choice for an engagement ring. While there are many varieties of sapphires, by far the most popular is blue. A blue sapphire gives your engagement ring a unique … Continue Reading

Every woman dreams of having a sparkling gemstone on her finger when she gets married. For many years the stone of choice has been the diamond – where the bigger the diamond, the better. The highly aggressive 1940’s De Beers … Continue Reading

I came across an article around Valentine’s Day entitled, “Secrets of the Jewelry Industry: What Your Jeweler Won’t Tell You.”  The article goes on to explain the plethora of treatments that are commonly used to enhance gemstones and make them … Continue Reading

Here at The Natural Sapphire Company we have an extensive inventory of natural sapphires ranging from common colors like blue and pink, all the way to more unique and rare colors like purple and green.  Natural sapphires are very often … Continue Reading

Over the years we have sold numerous natural sapphires for different special occasions.  All of our natural untreated sapphires are one of a kind stones and a lot of the times these unique stones cannot just be thrown into your … Continue Reading

I had the pleasure of working with an extremely nice customer recently and we collaborated for a little while as she was looking for a sapphire engagement ring so we wanted to get everything perfect for her. She finally received … Continue Reading