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Before the days of such horrid things as synthetic diamonds, and synthetic cubic zirconia (CZ), the most popular imitation for diamonds was the natural white sapphire. Still maintaining its status as a natural and precious gemstone, and delivering exceptional hardness … Continue Reading

We are living in an incredible time for jewelry. It is doubtful that our own era will have a defining characteristic of design such as that of the early 1900’s Art Nouveau, followed by the Art Deco movement, but what … Continue Reading

Known as the ‘four somethings,’ this classic rhyme describes to the bride what 4 items she must have for good luck on her wedding day. While the meanings of the somethings may not be widely understood, the tradition continues at … Continue Reading

A Happy New Year to all!!! With the new year begun, we can now begin the guessing game of what 2014 will hold for jewelry trends. Pantone’s color of the year for 2013 was Emerald Green, and the fashion world … Continue Reading

In a time when it’s no longer the social “requirement” to have a diamond engagement ring and the colors of sapphire and ruby have taken center stage in the bridal jewelry market, there still lies the decision as to what … Continue Reading

Being attracted to and adorning ourselves with flowers and all sorts of natural things is nothing new, as picking a flower was probably the first attainment of beauty by mankind – we saw it, we wanted it, we picked it! … Continue Reading

The Natural Sapphire Company is proud to present an amazing collection of designs for bridal and commitment jewelry. Make use of a few of these suggestion mentioned below to help you find that perfect piece of jewelry to make yourself … Continue Reading

A surprise engagement is truly one of the most romantic moments in anyone’s life.  However, it can be challenging to know exactly which type of ring design she will want for her sapphire engagement ring. It is best to have … Continue Reading

Blast Magazine recently published their top 5 engagement ring styles that are in demand for 2012.  Turns out, we have all these styles ready and waiting for the perfect sapphire!  Take a look at some of the custom renderings we … Continue Reading

It’s June, and wedding season is officially upon us! Sapphire engagement rings are very popular and the trend does not seem to be abating, as brides everywhere love the color and sparkle sapphires provide. Traditionally, the bride and groom offer … Continue Reading