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The girl of your dreams lives! Not only that, you’ve met, fallen in love, and now … you’re about to ask her to marry you! Of course she’ll say Yes! But now you’re sweating, thinking about all the little details of … Continue Reading

So you’re considering a vintage or antique engagement ring,we’re not surprised. The trend towards venerable styles and antique treasures isn’t going away, and understandably so. Vintage rings carry a unique charm, they stand out from modern engagement rings with their attention to … Continue Reading

Every woman dreams of having a sparkling gemstone on her finger when she gets married. For many years the stone of choice has been the diamond – where the bigger the diamond, the better. The highly aggressive 1940’s De Beers … Continue Reading

In 2015 colored gemstones are dominating the engagement ring sector, particularly sapphire engagement rings.  Last year, auction houses worldwide, reported historic record breaking sales in the colored gemstones & jewelry sector. This news broke down the notion that diamonds were king … Continue Reading

The Huffington Post recently reported a front page article about celebrity engagement rings. Elizabeth Hurley was ranked #3 in the top 10 review! Elizabeth Hurley’s blue sapphire engagement ring is set with two trillion-cut diamonds. A bold statement and a nod to … Continue Reading

  “I’m so sorry, you must think I am a right pain asking so many questions …”. Not in the least. What quickly dawned on me after starting as a sales representative at The Natural Sapphire Company, was that my … Continue Reading

A bride whose hand-made engagement ring was stolen at a Wisborough Green church on her wedding day has enjoyed a ‘fairy tale ending’ to the saga after being given an exact replica by a kind-hearted jeweler. Caroline Granshaw was left … Continue Reading

Short Answer: NO “A Diamond Is Forever” The world has been duped into believing that they Need and Must Have a diamond. Well, not so much duped, as brainwashed by probably the most genius ad campaign ever conceived by any … Continue Reading

The wedding season is fully underway and this writer’s wedding is quickly approaching.  With all of the major decisions taken care of, we are now allowed the time to think of the finer details of our big day. While as a … Continue Reading

In the world of engagement rings there are endless options. Even those wanting diamonds will rarely be given just one option. When it comes to colored stone engagement rings, it begins with the question, which one? Answer that question, and … Continue Reading