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Our designers at The Natural Sapphire Company are always looking for new and exciting ways to display the beauty of natural sapphires.  With spring coming, we were inspired to create a new collection order money more info here to emphasize … Continue Reading

Antique jewelry designs have become increasingly popular amongst consumers over the past few years.  The intricate Antique style designs on the basket and detailed work on the shanks make for a perfect complement to our beautiful natural sapphires.  So it … Continue Reading

While browsing through our inventory last month for my post about natural untreated rubies, I came across a lovely deep red ruby, U3216.  A lot of the time customers tell us that they saw a sapphire that was just too … Continue Reading

The Natural Sapphire Company specializes in making custom jewelry settings, and in customizing our own preexisting semi mountings to best meet the customer’s vision.  One of our customers recently bought a natural blue sapphire ring from us. This blue sapphire … Continue Reading

Women are complex creatures … or so we’ve been told. Whenever we think of getting ourselves a piece of jewelry, especially beautiful and colorful natural sapphires, we consider many details, such as: will this sapphire color compliment my skin tone? … Continue Reading

White gold, palladium, or platinum?  It can be hard to pick and choose between the three precious white metals (if you like yellow or rose gold, you’re in the clear – there aren’t really any serious alternative alloys out there).  So … Continue Reading

We’re about to launch a new system for our jewelry suggestions.  Here at The Natural Sapphire Company, we do a lot of custom work.  Through this service, we produce custom jewelry pieces for customers; blue sapphire rings,  and red ruby … Continue Reading

You know what really irritates me?  When a story needs to assume a wholly unrealistic condition in order to exist.  I’m not talking about speculative fiction: assume away with your FTL transport and your parallel universes!  Have a party with … Continue Reading

At the most basic level, a wedding band is a metal hoop. Depending on the local culture, it is worn on the base of the right or the left ring finger. But the symbolism of the ring … that’s considerably … Continue Reading

White sapphire is a little different from blue sapphire, pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, papadrascha sapphire and ruby, because whereas with all of those stones their color is their main selling point … with white sapphire, it’s absence of color is … Continue Reading