Burmese Rubies: Looking to the Future

For centuries, Burmese rubies have been known as the finest rubies in the world.  The term “Burmese” carries a connotation of exceptional quality and rarity unmatched in rubies from any other origin.  Cousins of sapphires, rubies are the red variety of the mineral species, corundum.  In their most precious form, Burmese rubies possess an intensely saturated, “pigeon’s blood” red hue, a delicate arrangement of fine rutile silk, and a fluorescence so strong that the ruby appears to glow.  The unique geological environment that these stones formed in millions of years ago contributes to both the beauty of these stones and their rarity.

You can find more information about rubies and their properties in our education section.


Due to a militant regime in Burma (now known as Myanmar), a trade embargo was established between many nations that made it illegal to import Burmese rubies.  Our CEO, Michael Arnstein, provided an update back in April about the current situation in Myanmar.

Following a change in the political climate of Myanmar moving toward democracy, a meeting was convened in Washington to formerly ease the sanctions between the US and Myanmar.  Since then, many businesses are poised to expand business operations in Myanmar in anticipation of the ban being formerly lifted.

In the coming months, we are extremely excited to provide updates about the situation in Myanmar from our office manager in Mogok, Myanmar.  We look forward to sharing stories and news from this mystical mining town, as well soon offering a selection of the finest quality Burmese rubies and sapphires when the sanctions are formerly lifted.

In the meantime, our current selection of Burmese rubies, obtained prior to the ban in 2008, makes it easy to understand the desire for these remarkable and exceedingly rare gemstones.

The quality is evident in U3820, a 4.70ct oval cut Burmese ruby.  Setting this beautiful ruby in a yellow gold ring setting would further enhance the color in this gemstone and create a ring unparalleled in its appeal.

4.70ct Burmese ruby

4.70ct Burmese ruby

J3330 is a true rarity: a 5.55ct untreated, Burmese ruby ring:

A 5.55ct untreated, Burmese ruby ring set with two, bullet cut diamond side stones.