Blue for a … girl?

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, thoughts turn to the question of appropriate gifts to celebrate motherhood.  The same issue can arise throughout the year with the custom of the push present, but in spring, young or old, a father’s fancy lightly to thoughts of how to best express his love.

It can be easy to feel a little limited by social expectations, and at odds with them: if you have two sons whom you want to celebrate with your wife but you know she hates the color blue, what do you do?  Well, for one, you can take comfort in the fact that the whole idea of blue being for boys and pink being for girls, while it may appear to be so ingrained as to be natural to the species,  is actually kind of nonsensical ….

Up until WWII, the common associations were actually reversed: pale blue, associated with the Virgin Mary, was seen as being a demure color, appropriate for baby girls (let’s not go into the social expectations there, so as to avoid apoplexy), whereas pink was seen as the baby version of powerful, passionate red, eminently suitable for baby boys (see also, avoiding apoplexy).   So all in all, rather than having to adhere to a falsely-constructed set of expectations, follow  your bliss and get the mommy in your life whatever you think she’ll love best.

pink sapphire ring in white gold pink sapphire ring in yellow gold

Natural pink sapphire ring J391 is a classic piece, irresistible for a classically elegant woman … and perfect to someday pass down to your daughter, or daughter-in-law when you become grandparents.  And J582, featuring a natural pink sapphire marquis in an Etruscan-inspired asymmetrical setting, is perfect for the mother with a sense of style that’s equal parts ancient and modern ….

blue star sapphire ring natural blue sapphire ring

A blue star sapphire ring like J291 will put stars in her eyes … while a gorgeous floral-inspired natural sapphire and diamond cluster ring like J1750 will last long after more fleeting bouquets have faded.

pink sapphire ring

And, frankly, why choose?  Have it all with pink and blue sapphire ring J1165.