Behind the Scenes of our Sapphire Jewelry Shopping Improvements

Recently, I’ve been assigned my very first module to develop! Previously, I was helping out the other members of the Software Department with their modules, improving logic, editing documentation, and generally learning the ropes around here, so this module will be the first one that is primarily my responsibility to make happen. I am excited about it; it will help with the Jewelry Suggestion module I talked about excitedly in a previous blog entry. Much of its structure is of my own design and it will provide the functionality necessary to link what the customers see on the website with our extensive catalog of beautiful sapphire jewelry designs, providing a framework for the automatic suggestion of similar designs to customers and also a framework to better structure and improve on the design process itself.

Now the customer will easily be able to say,

“I like this ring…”

Blue Sapphire Ring

Natural Untreated Princess Cut Blue Sapphire Ring

“…and I want it with a round center stone….”

Natural Blue Sapphire Ring

Natural Untreated Round Blue Sapphire Ring

“…and also, a pair of diamond side stones.”

sapphire ring

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring

Then, voila, as easy as 1-2-3 the customer has found exactly what they were looking for!  I have high hopes for this module and I’m excited that I’ve been chosen for its creation.

Improvements in the process will save customers money on their sapphire jewelry, and improvements in suggestion will make the customer’s shopping experience much more enjoyable.  Instead of being flooded with thousands of different designs all at once, the customer will be able to start from a more manageable set of featured styles, quickly specify the options they prefer in their favorite style, and be immediately directed to an image of just such a design. This way the customer can get the best of both worlds: the benefit of our extensive collection of natural sapphire jewelry, and ease of having to choose from only a few options at a time! This module will make that whole process automatic, cutting out expensive hours of employee labor and precious minutes of customer leisure time, and passing those savings in efficiency on to the customer in the currencies of dollars, time, and – ultimately – improved satisfaction with their purchase.