Beautiful Heart Shaped Sapphire Jewelry

The heart has long since been a symbol of the spiritual and emotional sectors of the human being as well as a representation of Love.  Images of the heart are generally depicted in the same way, but the shape and dimensions can certainly vary.  Some heart shapes appear a bit more roundish in shape, while others are more elongated or stretched.  No matter what shape the take on, the meaning remains the same.

Heart-shape-sapphire ring

Beautiful Heart Shaped Sapphire Ring

This beautiful heart shaped blue sapphire set in a custom made 18k yellow gold mounting takes on the traditional proportioned heart shape look.  This is the most common heart shape as most people prefer to have everything proportioned and symmetrical.  This is a very simplistically designed sapphire ring, but the end result is an exceptionally elegant ring that is sure to dazzle onlookers.

heart shaped ring

Stunning Heart Shaped Yellow Sapphire Earrings

This pair of heart shaped 18k white gold earrings with natural round yellow sapphires in the center have a slightly different shape than the beautiful blue sapphire ring above.   These classically gorgeous earrings have a slightly wider build in order to accommodate the alluring yellow sapphires and also so they sit stably and fit comfortably on the earlobe.  These exquisite earrings would be perfect for wearing to a casual dinner party as well as to a formal event.

pink sapphire pendant

Elegant Heart Shaped Pink Sapphire Pendant

This charming heart shaped pink sapphire pendant also varies in shape from the beautiful heart shaped blue sapphire ring and yellow sapphire earrings.  This gorgeous rose gold pendant with a delightful cushion cut pink sapphire has the perfect elongated heart shape for a pendant.  This pendant has an accentuated downward flow and will sit perfectly below where the collar bones come together which is exactly where you want your pendant to fall.

Here at the Natural Sapphire Company we have many different styles of Heart Shaped Jewelry, so it is up to you to decide which style and shape you prefer.  They all hold the same important meaning and will let that special someone know how much you love them.