Autumn’s Finest Sapphires

Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower, the famed French philosopher Albert Camus wrote of the autumn season.

This thought provoking quote certainly applies to the autumnal beauty of our sapphires!

Sapphires come in a variety of colors and in honor of the season we will turn our attention to the earthy, rich tones available in our Unique section of sapphires.

Why not add a festive orange sapphire to your fall wardrobe. U2411 has a vivid orange color that is actually quite rare in sapphires. This sapphire has such a vibrant color, it practically conjures up visions of pumpkin patches and cinnamon spices!

Orange Sapphire

U3969, an almost electrifying orange sapphire has such a remarkable color, one thinks of a flickering fire burning brightly on cold autumn night. This beautiful stone reminds me of another famous poem that can perfectly apply:

Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

William Blake

This poem is certainly an apt description for this sapphire’s tiger like color tone and perfect cut that is almost too perfect to have been hewn by a mere mortal!

Orange SapphireThis is a brown sapphire that has a warmth and earthy beauty that can not be denied. It would be stunning in a yellow or rose gold pendant.

Brown SapphireHere is a beautiful, moss green cushion cut sapphire. This impressive gem has the colors of an evergreen with the bluish green tone that is beloved in nature and in gemstones.

Moss Green Sapphire

U2465: This impressive cognac sapphire’s appeal is eternal, much like the change of the seasons. The lively color of this sapphire is truly awe inspiring. One is swept away with thoughts of footsteps crunching in the fallen leaves and warmth provided by ciders and cognacs!

Cognac Sapphire

U3375 this orangish red sapphire could be described more poetically as an autumn maple leaf. The shade of this sapphire is seldom seen in gems, but seen in nature with the dynamic color of red maple leaves.

Working with such festive gems,  it is easy to be put in the spirit of autumn. Let The Natural  Sapphire Company help you add a touch of spice to your wardrobe when we create a beautiful sapphire ring or pendant.

It will surely be the crowning glory of all of your jewelry collection.