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The Oxford English Dictionary defines a sapphires as a transparent precious stone, typically blue, which is a variety of corundum (aluminium oxide). Commonly, sapphires are worn in jewelry. Well, being used as a gemstone in jewelry is certainly not going to change anytime … Continue Reading

This excellent article featured in ForbesLife earlier this month. It points out that the jewelry market’s liking for colored stones, rubies and sapphires, has not waned, but in fact continues to flourish, as a Burmese ruby sold in 2006 for … Continue Reading

The Huffington Post recently reported a front page article about celebrity engagement rings. Elizabeth Hurley was ranked #3 in the top 10 review! Elizabeth Hurley’s blue sapphire engagement ring is set with two trillion-cut diamonds. A bold statement and a nod to … Continue Reading

  Wow. They can now grow diamonds! Huge ones! in laboratories, and they’re virtually indistinguishable from those that come out of the ground. This has to be great on so many levels. Beautiful diamond jewellery for all, as no doubt … Continue Reading

  “I’m so sorry, you must think I am a right pain asking so many questions …”. Not in the least. What quickly dawned on me after starting as a sales representative at The Natural Sapphire Company, was that my … Continue Reading

The most famous sapphire engagement ring in the world has been photographed around the world for more than 33 years, today it rests on Kate Middleton’s finger. The original engagement in February 1981 was world wide news; and sapphires from Sri … Continue Reading

The Family Stone Some of my earliest memories as a kid were from when I would come into my father’s office and he’d give me a few parcels of tiny sapphires. I’d sort them in color, size and count how … Continue Reading

Back in 2009 reports surfaced that the Smithsonian had plans to remake the Hope Diamond into a new necklace. The occasion was the 50th anniversary of when Harry Winston himself donated the stone to the Institute. I personally didn’t like … Continue Reading

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) made headlines with proposal to Priscilla Chan with this ruby engagement ring. Yahoo News contacted us directly to ask the ‘experts’ about the value of the ruby ring.We’ve been in business for nearly 75 … Continue Reading

The United States FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is the most progressive governmental organization that regulates how goods and services are legally sold in the United States. Most other countries have followed in our countries footsteps in creating similar governmental oversight to … Continue Reading